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Acer Aspire 5738G Battery Replacemnet Acer Aspire 5738G Battery
Sony Vgp-bps9 battery Replacemnet Sony Vgp-bps9 battery
Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery
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Replacement Apple Laptop Battery

Apple laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the apple laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every apple battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and apple laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Apple Battery Listed by Part No.

a1370 a1369 661-6068
020-7376-A 020-7377-A 076-0719
661-2183 661-2295 661-2969
lbcap8 m7318 m7385
m7385g m7385g/A Mc-g3/99
a1022 m8760 m8760ll/A
m8984 m8984g m8984g/A
m8984ga m9324 m9324g
m9324g/A m9324ga m9324j/A
m9572g/A m9572j/A 661-2472
6612472 a1008 a1061
m8403 m8433 m8433g
m8433g/A m8433g/B m8433ga
m8433gb m8626g/A m8626ga
m8956 m8956g m8956g/A
m8956ga m8956j/A m9337
m9337g m9337g/A m9337ga
020-5071-B a1181 661-3958
661-4255 661-4703 a1189
ma458 ma458*/A ma458g/A
ma458j/A 661-2927 a1045
a1078 a1148 e68043
m9325 m9325g/A m9325j/A
m9756 m9756g/A m9756j/A
a1175 ma348 ma348*/A
ma348g/A ma348j/A 661-2822
661-2948 a1039 a1057
m8983 m8983g/A m9326
m9326g/A Mc-g4/17 661-2787
661-3233 a1060 a1079
a681ll/A ma463ll/A ma464ll/A
ma466ll/A ma600ll/A ma601ll
ma680ll/A ma681ll/A a1185
ma561g/A ma561ll/A ma566fe/A
ma566g/A ma566j/A ma566ll/A
a1278 a1280 mb466d/A
mb467d/A mb771g/A mb771
mb771*/A mb771j/A mb771ll/A
a1281 mb772 mb772*/A
mb772j/A mb772ll/A ma348ga
ma348ll/A ma348ll a1322
a1321 ma561 ma561fe/A
ma561j/A ma566 M/9324j/A
661-3686 661-2994 661-2672
661-2569 661-1764 020-6547-A
a1309 mc965ll/A* bh302ll/A*
bh302ll/A a1406 020-7134-01
a1382 a1377 020-6920-B
a1375 020-6580-A 020-6582-A
020-6809-A 661-5391 a1331
a1342 a1405 020-7379-A
020-6955-A 020-6955-01 020-6905-B
661-4587 661-4915 661-5196
a1245 a1417 a1398
mc975 mc976 a1437
616-0448 616-0478 969ta028h
a1219 a1315 a1337
a1493 020-8148 a1286
616-0561 616-0576 969ta075h
gb4943-2001 a1316 a1376
020-8142-A a1496 a1445
616-0686 a1484 a1475
a1550 a1538 a1546
020-6764-A 020-6765-A 661-5229
661-5557 a1395 a1396
a1397 a1474 616-0688
a1432 a1454 a1455
616-0627 616-0633 020-8146
a1502 616-0592 616-0604
a1389 a1403 a1416
a1430 a1458 a1459
a1460 a1547 a1566
a1567 a1489 a1490
a1491 a1512 a1599
a1600 a1601 a1705
a1534 a1582 661-2391
661-2395 661-2436 m6392
m7426 m7462g m7462g/ A
m7621 m7621g m7621g/ A
m7621g/ B a1237 a1304
661-5844 661-5211 661-5476
a1494 a1383

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

Macbook Air 13 Inch a1237 Macbook Air 13 Inch a1304 Macbook Air 13 Inch mb003
Macbook Air 13 Inch mb003j/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mb003ll/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mb003ta/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mb003x/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mb003zp/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc233*/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc233ch/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc233ll/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc233ta/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc233x/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc233zp/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc234*/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc234ch/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc234ll/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc234ta/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc234x/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc234zp/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503ch/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503j/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503ll/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503ta/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503x/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503zp/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc504j/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc504ll/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc504ta/A Macbook Air 13 Inch mc504x/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc504zp/A Macbook Air 13 Inch z0fs Macbook Air 13.3 Inch a1237
Macbook Air 13.3 Inch a1304 Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mb003ll/A Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mb543ll/A
Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mb940ll/A Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc233ll/A Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc234ll/A
Powerbook g3 (1999 Models) Powerbook g3 (2000 Models) Powerbook g3 12.1-Inch Series
Powerbook g3 12.1-Inch m6359j/A Powerbook g3 12.1-Inch m6359ll/A Powerbook g3 12.1-Inch m6477ll/A
Powerbook g3 12.1-Inch m6479ll/A Powerbook g3 12.1-Inch m7229j/A Powerbook g3 13.3-Inch Series
Powerbook g3 13.3-Inch m6357j/A Powerbook g3 13.3-Inch m6357ll/A Powerbook g3 13.3-Inch m6481j/A
Powerbook g3 13.3-Inch m6481ll/A Powerbook g3 13.3-Inch m6482ll/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch Series
Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m6484ll/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m6485ll/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m6541j/A
Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m6541ll/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7109j/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7110j/A
Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7112j/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7304j/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7304ll/A
Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7308j/A Powerbook g3 14.1-Inch m7308ll/A Powerbook g3 Series
Powerbook g3 m3553 Powerbook g3 m4753 Powerbook g3 m5343
Powerbook g3 m7572 12 Macbook 13 Inch Aluminum Unibody (2008 Version)
Macbook 13.3 Inch mc516ch/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760 Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760*/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760b/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760s/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760t/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760y/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007 Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007b/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007ch/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007j/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007kh/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007ll/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007sa/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9007zh/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008 Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008b/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008ch/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008j/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008kh/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008ll/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008sa/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9008zh/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9183
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9183j/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9183ll/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9183x/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9184 Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9184j/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9184ll/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9184x/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9690*/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9690ch/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9690ll/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9690x/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9691*/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9691ch/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9691ll/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m9691x/A
Powerbook g4 12 Inch Series Ibook Notebook m8861ll/A Ibook 12-Inch Dual Usb
Ibook 12.1 Inch Screen Dual Usb Ibook 32 Vram Ibook Crystal White Series
Ibook Late 2001 Model Ibook Opaque White 16 Vram Ibook Snow White Series
Macbook Pro 13 Inch a1278 (2009 Version) Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990ch/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990j/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990ta/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990zp/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991ch/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991j/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991ta/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991zp/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version)
Macbook 13 Inch Ma Series Macbook 13 Inch ma254*/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254
Macbook 13 Inch ma254b/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254ch/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254f/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma254j/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254ll/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254sa/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma254ta/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254x/A Macbook 13 Inch ma255*/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma255 Macbook 13 Inch ma255b/A Macbook 13 Inch ma255ch/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma255f/A Macbook 13 Inch ma255j/A Macbook 13 Inch ma255ll/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma255sa/A Macbook 13 Inch ma255ta/A Macbook 13 Inch ma255x/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma699*/A Macbook 13 Inch ma699 Macbook 13 Inch ma699b/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma699ch/A Macbook 13 Inch ma699j/A Macbook 13 Inch ma699ll/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma699ta/A Macbook 13 Inch ma699x/A Macbook 13 Inch ma700*/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma700 Macbook 13 Inch ma700b/A Macbook 13 Inch ma700ch/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma700j/A Macbook 13 Inch ma700ll/A Macbook 13 Inch ma700ta/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma700x/A Macbook 13 Inch Mb Series Macbook 13 Inch mb061*/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb061b/A Macbook 13 Inch mb061ch/A Macbook 13 Inch mb061j/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb061ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb061x/A Macbook 13 Inch mb062*/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb062b/A Macbook 13 Inch mb062ch/A Macbook 13 Inch mb062j/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb062ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb062x/A Macbook 13 Inch mb402*/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb402b/A Macbook 13 Inch mb402j/A Macbook 13 Inch mb402ll/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb402x/A Macbook 13 Inch mb403*/A Macbook 13 Inch mb403b/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb403j/A Macbook 13 Inch mb403ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb403x/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch Series Macbook Pro 17 Inch a1151 Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092x/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092ch/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092ta/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma092kh/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611*/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611*D/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611x/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611b/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611ch/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma611kh/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma897ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma897*/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma897j/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch ma897x/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb166*/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb166b/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb166j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb166ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb166x/A
Macbook 13 Inch mc374ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mc375ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb881ll/A
Ibook g4 12-Inch Series Powerbook g4 17 Inch Powerbook g4 17 Inch m8793ll/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9462 Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9462ll/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689*/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689b/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689ch/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689f/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689hk/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689kh/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689ll/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689x/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970*/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970b/A
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc504 Macbook Air 13 Inch mc503 Macbook Air 13 Inch mc505
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc506 Macbook Air 13 Inch mc968 Macbook Air 13 Inch mc969
Macbook Air 13 Inch mc965 Macbook Air 13 Inch mc966 Ipad 16gb (Wi-Fi +3g)
Ipad 16gb (Wi-Fi) Ipad 32gb (Wi-Fi +3g) Ipad 32gb (Wi-Fi)
Ipad 64gb (Wi-Fi +3g) Ipad 64gb (Wi-Fi) Ipad a1219
Ipad a1315 Ipad a1337 Macbook Pro 13 a1502
me864ll/A* me866ll/A Pro Retina a1502
Pro Retina me864 Pro Retina me865 Ipad 2 Series
Ipad 2 3g Ipad 2 Wifi Ipad 2(16gb) Wifi
Ipad 2(16gb) Wifi+3g Ipad 2(32gb) Wifi Ipad 2(32gb) Wifi+3g
Ipad 2(64gb) Wifi Ipad 2(64gb) Wifi+3g Macbook 13 Inch mb063*/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb063b/A Macbook 13 Inch mb063ch/A Macbook 13 Inch mb063j/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb063ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb063x/A Macbook 13 Inch mb404*/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb404b/A Macbook 13 Inch mb404x/A macbook13 Inch mb404j/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb404ll/A Macbook 13 Inch Aluminum Unibody Macbook 13.3 Inch Aluminum Unibody mb466ll/A
Macbook 13.3 Inch Aluminum Unibody mb467ll/A Macbook 13.3 Inch Aluminum Unibody mb771ll/A Macbook 13 Inch a1278
Macbook 13 Inch mb466*/A Macbook 13 Inch mb466ch/A Macbook 13 Inch mb466j/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb466ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb466x/A Macbook 13 Inch mb467*/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb467ch/A Macbook 13 Inch mb467j/A Macbook 13 Inch mb467ll/A
Macbook 13 Inch mb467x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb471ch/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb471j/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb471ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb471x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch Aluminum Unibody (2008 Version)
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895ch/A Macbook Pro 15 ma896x/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1150 Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463 Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463ch/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463kh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463ll
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463zh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma463zh/hd100
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464 Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464ch/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464j/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464kh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464ll Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464ll/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464zh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma464zh/Cto Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600kh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600ll
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600ta/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma600x/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601 Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601kh/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601ll Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601ta/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma601x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609b/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609ch/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609kh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609ll
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610 Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610*/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610*D/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610b/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610ch/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610kh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610ll
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma610x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895kh/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895ll Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895rs/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma895x/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896ch/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896j/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896kh/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896ll Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896rs/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma896x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb133*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb133b/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb133j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb133ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb133x/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb134*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb134b/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb134j/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb134ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb134x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609
Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma609*D/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9689ta/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970ch/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970f/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970hk/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970kh/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970ll/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970ta/A
Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9970x/A Powerbook g4 17 Inch m9110ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990ll/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1286 (2009 Version) Macbook Pro md212
Macbook Pro md213 Macbook Pro me662 Macbook Pro md212ll/A
Macbook Pro me662ll/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc969ll/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc968ll/A
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc965ll/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc965 Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506ll/A
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch bh302ll/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch a1370 Macbook Air 11.6 Inch 2011
Macbook Air 11 Inch a1370 Macbook Pro Retina 15 Inch a1417 Macbook Pro Retina 15 Inch a1398
md975 md976 Macbook Air 11 Inch Mid 2011
Macbook Air 11 Inch Mid 2012 Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118 Macbook Pro 15 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version)
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985ch/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985j/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985ta/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985x/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb985zp/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986ch/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986ta/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb986zp/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118*/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118ch/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118ll/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118ta/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118x/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc118zp/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1286 (2008 Version) Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb470*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb470ch/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb470j/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb470ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb470x/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mb471*/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1211 Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1226
Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1260 Macbook Pro 15 Inch ma090ll Macbook 13 Inch a1181
Macbook 13 Inch fb881ll Macbook 13 Inch fb881ll/A Macbook 13 Inch ma254ll
Macbook 13 Inch ma255ll Macbook 13 Inch ma472ll Macbook 13 Inch ma472ll/A
Macbook 13 Inch ma699ll Macbook 13 Inch ma700ll Macbook 13 Inch ma701ll
Macbook 13 Inch ma701ll/A Macbook 13 Inch mb061ll Macbook 13 Inch mb061ll/B
Macbook 13 Inch mb062ll Macbook 13 Inch mb062ll/B Macbook 13 Inch mb063ll
Macbook 13 Inch mb063ll/B Macbook 13 Inch mb402ll Macbook 13 Inch mb403ll
Macbook 13 Inch mb404ll Macbook 13 Inch mb881ll Macbook 13 Inch mc240ll
Macbook 13 Inch mc240ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch a1278 (2008 Version) Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb466*/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb466ch/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb466j/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb466ll
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb466ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb466x/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb467*/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb467ch/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb467j/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb467ll
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb467ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb467x/A Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mb466ll/A
Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mb467ll/A Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mb771ll/A Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mb990ll/A
Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mb991ll/A Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mc374ll/A Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mc375ll/A
Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mc700ll/A Macbook Pro 13.3 Inch mc724ll/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760t/A*
Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760ll/A Powerbook g4 12 Inch m8760b/A* Ibook Snow White
Ibook Opaque White Ibook m9426zh/A Ibook m7699j/A
Ibook Late 2001 Ibook g4 12 Inch m9846x/A Ibook g4 12 Inch m9846ll/A
Ibook g4 12 Inch m9846ch/A Ibook g4 12 Inch m9846*/A Ibook g4 12 Inch m9623zh/A
Ibook g4 12 Inch m9623x/A Ibook g4 12 Inch m9623ll/A Ibook g4 12 Inch m9623ch/A
Ibook g4 12 Inch m9623*/A Ibook g4 12 Inch m9623 Ibook g4 12 Inch m9426ll/A
Ibook g4 12 Inch m9164ll/A Ibook g4 12 Inch a1054 Ibook g4 12 Inch
Ibook g3 a1005 Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018y/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018t/A*
Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018s/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018ll/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018j/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018b/A* Ibook g3 12 Inch m9018*/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861y/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861t/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861s/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861ll/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861b/A* Ibook g3 12 Inch m8861*/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860y/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860t/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860s/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860ll/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860b/A*
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8860*/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758y/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758t/A*
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758s/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758ll/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758j/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758b/A* Ibook g3 12 Inch m8758*/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8602ll/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8602j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8600ll/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8600j/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8599ll/C Ibook g3 12 Inch m8599j/C Ibook g3 12 Inch m8599j/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8598j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8597ll/C Ibook g3 12 Inch m8597j/C
Ibook g3 12 Inch m8597j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8520ll/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m8520j/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m7698ll/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m7698j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch m7692ll/A
Ibook g3 12 Inch m7692j/A Ibook g3 12 Inch Ibook Crystal White
Ibook 32 Vra Ibook 12.1 Inch m9846x/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9846ll/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m9846ch/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9846*/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9623zh/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m9623x/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9623ll/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9623ch/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m9623*/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9623 Ibook 12.1 Inch m9426zh/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018y/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018t/A* Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018s/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018ll/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018j/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018b/A*
Ibook 12.1 Inch m9018 */A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861y/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861t/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861s/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861ll/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861j/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861b/A* Ibook 12.1 Inch m8861*/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860y/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860t/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860s/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860ll/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860j/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860b/A* Ibook 12.1 Inch m8860*/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758y/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758t/A* Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758s/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758ll/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758j/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758b/A*
Ibook 12.1 Inch m8758 */A Ibook 12.1 Inch m8520ll/A Ibook 12.1 Inch m7698ll/A
Ibook 12.1 Inch m7692ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch a1278 (2010 Version) Macbook Pro 13 Inch a1278 (Early 2011)
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb990ll Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb991ll Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374ll
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc375ll Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc375ll/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc700ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc724ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch a1297 (Early 2011)
Macbook Pro 17 Inch a1297 (2009 Version) Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226*/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226ch/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226ta/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226zp/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc665zp/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725j/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version) Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1286 Macbook Pro 15 Inch New Version
Macbook Air 13 a1466 Macbook Air 13 a1466 2012 Macbook Air 13 mc503
Macbook Air 13 mc504 Macbook Air 13.3 a1369 Macbook Air 13.3 a1369 Late 2010
Macbook Air 13.3 mc503 Macbook Air 13.3 mc504 Macbook Air 13.3 mc504ll/A
Macbook Air Core i5 1.6 13 a1369 Mid-2011 Macbook Pro 15 Inch a1286 (Early 2011) Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc721ll/A
Macbook Pro 15 Inch mc723ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch Unibody (Early 2011) Macbook Air 13.3 Inch a1369 (Late 2010)
Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc503 Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc503b/A Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc503e/A
Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc503ll/A Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc503lz/A Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc503zp/A
Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc504 Macbook Air 13.3 Inch mc504ll/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch a1370 (Late-2010)
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc505e/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc505ll/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc505lla
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc505lz/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506b/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506e/A
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506j/A Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506lla Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506x/A
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506zp/A Macbook 13 .3 Inch mc516ll/A Macbook 13.3 Inch mc207b/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch a1342 (Mid-2010) Macbook Unibody 13 Inch Macbook Air md760ch/A
Macbook Air md761ch/A Macbook Air md760zp/A Macbook Air md761ch/B
Macbook Air md761b/A Ipad Mini 1 Ipad Air
Ipad 5 Macbook Pro(me293ch/A) Macbook Pro(me293zp/A)
Macbook Pro(me294ch/A) Macbook Pro(me294zp/A) Macbook Pro(me664ch/A)
Macbook Pro(me664zp/A) Macbook Pro(me665ch/A) Macbook Pro(me665zp/A)
Macbook Pro Retina 13 Inch Macbook Pro Retina 13 Inch a1425 Macbook Pro(i5 3210m/128gb)
Macbook Pro(i5 3210m/256gb) Ipad mini4 Macbook 13
Macbook Air mc233ll/A 13.3 Macbook Air mc234ll/A 13.3 Macbook Pro 13.3
Macbook Pro 15 Macbook Pro 17 Macbook Pro mb076ll/A 17
Macbook Pro mb133ll/A 15.4 Macbook Pro mb134ll/A 15.4 Macbook Pro mb470ll/A 15.4
Macbook Pro mb471ll/A 15.4 Macbook Pro mb604ll/A 17 Macbook Pro mb766ll/A 17
Macbook Pro mb985ll/A 15.4 Macbook Pro mc024ll/A 17 Macbook Pro mc118ll/A 15.4
Macbook Pro mc226ll/A 17 Macbook Pro mc372ll/A 15.4 Macbook Pro mc373ll/A 15.4
Macbook Pro mc375ll/A 13.3 Macbook Pro Unibody 15 Macbook Pro 13 Inch 2011 Early
Macbook Pro 13 Inch Early 2011 Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb102 Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470b/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470j/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470ll/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470ta/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb470zp/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471ch/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471e/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471f/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471j/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471ta/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mb471zp/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc226*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc226ch/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc226f/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc226ta/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc226zp/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374b/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374ch/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374d/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374j/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374x/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc374zp/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc375*/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc37b/A
Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc37ch/A Macbook Pro 13 Inch mc724 Macbook Pro 13 Inch md314
Macbook Pro 13 Inch Precision Macbook Pro 13 Inch Precision Aluminum Unibody Macbook Pro 13 Pollici
Macbook Pro 15 Inch Early 2011 Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.4 13 Mid-2010 Macbook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.66 13 Mid-2010
Macbook Pro Core i5 2.3 13 Early 2011 Macbook Pro Core i5 2.4 13 Late 2011 Macbook Pro Core i5 2.5 13 Mid-2012
Macbook Pro Core i7 2.7 13 Early 2011 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.8 13 Late 2011 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.9 13 Mid-2012
Macbook Pro md101ch/A Macbook Pro md101zp/A Macbook Pro md102ch/A
Macbook Pro md313ch/A Macbook Pro md314ch/A Macbookpro 13 Inch Mid 2009
md785ll/A md786ll/A md787ll/A
md788ll/A md789ll/A md790ll/A
me898ll/A me906ll/A me991ll/A
me993ll/A me997ll/A mf003ll/A
mf004ll/A mf009ll/A mf010ll/A
mf012ll/A mf013ll/A mf015ll/A
mf016ll/A mf018ll/A mf019ll/A
mf020ll/A mf024ll/A mf026ll/A
mf529ll/A mf532ll/A Ipad Mini Air
Ipad Mini Ipad Mini 1st Gen Ipad Mini Retina
Ipad Mini Wifi md510ll/A md512ll/A
md517ll/A md528ll/A md529ll/A
md530ll/A md531ll/A md532ll/A
md533ll/A md534ll/A md537ll/A
md540ll/A md541ll/A md543ll/A
me218ll/A me276ll/A me277ll/A
me278ll/A me279ll/A me280ll/A
me281ll/A me392ll/A me860ll/A
mf066ll/A mf069ll/A mf074ll/A
mf075ll/A mf076ll/A mf080ll/A
mf081ll/A mf083ll/A mf084ll/A
mf086ll/A mf089ll/A mf090ll/A
mf116ll/A mf117ll/A mf120ll/A
mf432ll/A Macbook Pro 13 2014 Macbook Pro 13 a1502 2013
Macbook Pro 13 Retina a1502 Macbook Pro Core i5 2.4 13 Late 2013 Macbook Pro Core i5 2.4 13 Late 2013 Retina
Macbook Pro Core i5 2.6 13 Late 2013 Macbook Pro Core i5 2.6 13 Late 2013 Retina Macbook Pro Core i5 2.6 13 Mid-2014 Retina
Macbook Pro Core i5 2.8 13 Mid-2014 Retina Macbook Pro Core i7 2.8 13 Late 2013 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.8 13 Late 2013 Retina
Macbook Pro Core i7 3.0 13 Mid-2014 Retina Macbook Pro(md212ch/A) Macbook Pro(md212zp/A)
Macbook Pro(md213ch/A) Macbook Pro(md213zp/A) Macbook Pro(me662ch/A)
Macbook Pro(me662zp/A) Macbook Pro(me864ch/A) Macbook Pro(me864zp/A)
Macbook Pro(me865ch/A) Macbook Pro(me865zp/A) Macbook Pro(me866ch/A)
Macbook Pro(me866zp/A) Macbook Pro(mf839ch/A) Macbook Pro(mf840ch/A)
Macbook Pro(mf841ch/A) Macbook Pro(mgx72ch/A) Macbook Pro(mgx82ch/A)
Macbook Pro(mgx92ch/A) me864ll/A Ipad 4
Ipad 3 Ipad 6 Ipad Air 2
Ipad Air 2 Wifi mgkl2ll/A mgl12ll/A
mgtx2ll/A mh1j2ll/A mh2m2ll/A
mh2n2ll/A mh2p2ll/A mh2u2ll/A
mh2v2ll/A mh2w2ll/A mh312ll/A
mh322ll/A mh332ll/A Ipad Mini 2
Ipad Mini 3 Ipad Mini 3 3g Ipad Mini 3 Wifi
Ipod Shuffle g2 Ipod Shuffle g3 Emc 2991
Macbook(mf855ch/A) Macbook(mf865ch/A) Macbook(mjy32ch/A)
Macbook(mjy42ch/A) Macbook(mk4m2ch/A) Macbook(mk4n2ch/A)
Macbook Pro 13 Inch 2015 Retina mf839ll/A mf841ll/A
Apple Ibook (Indigo) Apple Ibook (Lime Green) Apple Ibook Se(Graphite)
Apple m2453 Blueberry Series Ibook Clamshell
Ibook Firewire Series Ibook g3 12 m7720ll/ A Ibook g3 12 m7721ll/ A
Ibook Graphites Ibook Indigo Ibook Lime Green
Ibook m2453 Ibook Series Ibook Tangerine
m2453 Macbook Air Core i7 1.8 13 a1369 Mid-2011 a1465 2012 Version
Macbook Air (md711ch/A) Macbook Air (md711ch/B) Macbook Air (md711zp/A)
Macbook Air (md712ch/A) Macbook Air (md712ch/B) Macbook Air (md712zp/A)
Macbook Air (md760ch/A) Macbook Air (md760ch/B) Macbook Air (md760zp/A)
Macbook Air (md761ch/A) Macbook Air (md761ch/B) Macbook Air (md761zp/A)
Macbook Air (mjve2ch/A) Macbook Air (mjvg2ch/A) Macbook Air (mjvm2ch/A)
Macbook Air (mjvp2ch/A) Macbook Air 11" a1370 Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc505
Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc506 Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc968 Macbook Air 11.6 Inch mc969
Macbook Air a1370 2011 md223 2012 Version md224 2012 Version
Macbook Air 11 a1370 2010 Macbook Air 3.1 Late 2010 Macbook Air(2010 Models Only)
Macbook air3.1 1.4 Ghz Macbook Pro Core i7 2.3 15 Retina Macbook Pro Core i7 2.4 15 Retina 2013
Macbook Pro Core i7 2.6 15 Retina Macbook Pro Core i7 2.7 15 Retina Macbook Pro Core i7 2.7 15 Retina 2013
Macbook Pro Core i7 2.7ghz 15 Inch Retina Early 2013 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.8 15 Retina 2013 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.8ghz 15 Inch Retina Early 2013
Macbook Pro Retina 15 Macbook Pro(mc975ch/A) Macbook Pro(mc975zp/A)
Macbook Pro(mc976ch/A) Macbook Pro(mc976zp/A) Macbook Pro(mgxa2ch/A)
Macbook Pro(mgxc2ch/A) Macbook Pro(mjlq2ch/A) Macbook Pro(mjlt2ch/A)
mc975 mc975ll/A mc976
mc976ll/A md831ll/A me664ll/A
me665ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch i7 Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.0ghz Core i7
Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.2ghz Core i7 Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.3ghz Core i7 Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.6ghz Core i7
mc721ll/A a1286 macbookpro8.2 Early 2011 mc723ll/A a1286 macbookpro8.2 Early 2011 md103ll/A a1286 macbookpro9.1 Mid 2012
md104ll/A a1286 macbookpro9.1 Mid 2012 Macbook Pro 13 Retina a1425 Macbook Pro Core i5 2.5 13 Retina 2012
Macbook Pro Core i5 2.6 13 Retina 2013 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.9 13 Retina 2012 Macbook Pro Core i7 3.0 13 Retina 2013
md101 md102 md212
md212ch/A md212ll/A* md213
me662 me662ll/A Macbook Pro 15 Inch
Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.53ghz Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.66ghz Core 2 Duo Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 2.8ghz Core 2 Duo
Macbook Pro 15.4 Inch 3.06ghz Core 2 Duo macbookpro5.3 Mid 2009 macbookpro5.4 Mid 2009
mc721ch/A Macbook Pro Retina Display 15 Inch a1398 Macbook Pro Retina Display 15 Inch Late 2013
me293 me294 Macbook Pro 17 Inch a1297 (Mid-2009)
Macbook Pro 17 Inch a1297 (Mid-2010) Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604b/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604e/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604ll Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604ll/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604ta/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604x/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mb604zp/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024b/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024e/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024j/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024ta/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024x/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc024zp/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226b/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226e/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226ll Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc226x/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc227b/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc227j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc227ll/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc227zp/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc665b/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc665j/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc665ll/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc665x/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725*/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725b/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725e/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725hn/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725ll/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725lz/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725ta/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725x/A
Macbook Pro 17 Inch mc725zp/A Macbook Pro 17 Inch md311ll/A Macbook Pro Aluminum Unibody 17 Inch
Macbook Pro Core i7 2.2 17 a1297 Early 2011 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.3 17 Early 2011 Macbook Pro Core i7 2.4 17 Late 2011
Macbook Pro Core i7 2.5 17 Late 2011

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery apple to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the apple battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the apple battery.
  4. Apple laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the apple battery from your apple laptop when running on fixed power.

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