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HP DV9800 Battery Replacemnet Hp Pavilion dv9800 Series Battery
Hp Pavilion dv6900 Battery Replacemnet Hp Pavilion dv6900 Series Battery
Acer Aspire 5738G Battery Replacemnet Acer Aspire 5738G Battery
Sony Vgp-bps9 battery Replacemnet Sony Vgp-bps9 battery
Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery
Toshiba pa3728u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba pa3728u-1brs battery

Replacement Lg Laptop Battery

Lg laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the lg laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every lg battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and lg laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

x120 Series Xnote x120 Xnote x120-l76lk
Xnote x120-l76pk Xnote x130 Xnote x130-l78
x130 x120-G x120-H
x120-L x120-N x130-G
x130-L e510 Series p300
p310 p330 Series Xnote p330
a405 Series a410 Series a505 Series
a515 Series a520 Series ad510 Series
ad520 Series c400 Series cd400 Series
t280 Series t290 Series x140 Series
x170 Series xd170 Series Haier t6-i5430m
Hasee t6 Hasee a410 Hasee a430
Hasee k480 Tx Express Tx
Tx-Adgag Tx-Adgdg Tx-Adgeg
Tx-Adgfg r410 r460
r470 r490 r510
r510-gap58b r510-gap59b r510-kap26p
r510-kap50b r510-kap51b r510-kap53b
r510-kap54b r510-kap55b r510-lap77b
r510-sap51b r510-sap55b r560
r570 r580 r590
rb410 rb510 rd410
rd560 Widebook r480 Widebook rd560
Xnote r480 Xnote rd560 x120
le50 lm40 lm50
lm60-3b5c1 lm60-Cbja lm60 Express
lm60 lm70 Express lm70-Qkxa
lm70 Lm ls45
ls50-aghf1 ls50-aghu1 ls50
ls55-1efa ls55-1gja ls55 Express
ls55 ls70 Express ls70
ls75 Express ls75 lw40 Express
lw40 lw60-b3m44a lw60-Baja
lw60-d2ja lw60-Dbja lw60 Express
lw60-Qcma lw60 lw65 Express
lw65 lw70 Express lw70-Qjma
lw70-Qlza lw70 lw75 Express
lw75 r1-c001a9 r1-c002a9
r1 Pro Express Dual r1 r400-5222a3
r400-52hgp1 r400-ep23a3 r400-mp22a3
r400 r405 r405-gb02a9
r405-G.cbb1a9 r405-G.cpb1a9 r405-G.cpbsa9
r405-gp01a9 r405-S.Cpcbg r405-S.Cpcdg
r405-Spcag rd400 rd400-5d2a2
s1 Express Dual s1 Pro Express Dual s1
t1 Express Dual t1 v1
p420 Series Xnote p420 916t2204h
a305 Series a310 c500
cd500 r380 rb380
p430 p530 Xnote p430
Xnote p530 r450 rd450
X-Note r450 X-Note rd450 Hasee a450
Neo a3152 Neopc 4030 e500
e500-gap58b e500-jap50b e500-jap59b
e500-uap49b e500-uap50b Xnote x110
Xnote x110-la710b Xnote x110-la720b Xnote x110-la731
Xnote x110-la741b Xnote x110-la760b Xnote x110ga7hag
Xnote x110ga7hbg r310 r310-G
r310-gp84k r310-K r310-kap31b
rd310 rd310-K.ad01 rd310-K.ad01c
rd310-K.ad32c rd310-Kadxxc e510
e510-G e510-L e510-l211t
Xnote e510 k1 r1pro Express Dual
s1pro Express Dual v1-w4whv lw40 Expres
s1-p265r s900 s900u
r710 r710-sap71b p1-p2lcf
p1-p282f p1-Kprbg p1-Kprag
p1-Jdggg p1-Jdgfg p1-Jdgdg
p1-Jdgcg p1-Jdgbg p1-Jdgag
p1-j7p1a p1-j2sdf p1-j2rrv1
p1-j2pav1 p1-j2mxv1 p1-j2cjv1
p1-j2a8a p1-j24pv1 p1-j102a
p1-j101a p1-j004a9 w1-Kprag
w1-kpd1a w1-Kpccg w1-Kpcbg
w1-Kpcag w1-Kbrag w1-Kbbbv
w1-Jdgbg w1-Jdgag w1-j334f
w1-j2hdv1 w1-j2dtv1 w1-d2stv1
w1-d2rlv1 w1 Pro Express Dual w1
p1-j003a9 p1-j001a9 p1-52sbv1
p1-52jjv1 p1-52a7a p1-5002a9
p1-5001a9 p1 Pro Express Dual p1 Express Dual
p1 m1-m2ftv1 m1-Jdgfg
m1-Jdgag m1-j2ykv m1-j2ngv1
m1-j2abv1 m1-j001a9 m1-g3c3a
m1-g222a m1-5dgeg m1-5277v1
m1-3dgdg m1-3dgcg m1-3dgbg
m1-3dgag m1 Pro Express Dual m1 Express Dual
m1 Surface Pro Taurus
x300 z360 z360-gh60k
lbg622rh lt20 Lu-20
lu20-56na x100 x101
X-Note x200 Series x200 Series lbbi22uh
lbhi22se 2icp4/73/113

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery lg to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the lg battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the lg battery.
  4. Lg laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the lg battery from your lg laptop when running on fixed power.

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