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Hp Pavilion dv6900 Battery Replacemnet Hp Pavilion dv6900 Series Battery
Acer Aspire 5738G Battery Replacemnet Acer Aspire 5738G Battery
Sony Vgp-bps9 battery Replacemnet Sony Vgp-bps9 battery
Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery
Toshiba pa3728u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba pa3728u-1brs battery

Replacement Fujitsu Laptop Battery

Fujitsu laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the fujitsu laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every fujitsu battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and fujitsu laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Fujitsu Battery Listed by Part No.

cp455627-01 fpcbp231 fmvnbp184
cp335319-01 fpcbp199ap fpcbp233
fpcbp233ap fpcbp251 s26391-f518-l200
fmvlbp104 fpcbp50 fpcbp82
fpcbp82ap fpcbp79 fpcbp79ap
fpcbp83 Btp-dlz9 cp491000-01
fpcbp268 fpcbp82z 644180
644190 Fm-41 Fm-42
fmvtbbp101 fmvtbbp102 fmvtbbp103
fmvtbbp104 fmvtbbp105 fmvtbbp106
fpcbp63 fpcbp63ap fpcbp67
fpcbp67ap fpcbp77 fpcbp77ap
fpcbp78 fpcbp78ap fpcbp97
fpcbp97ap fpcbp98 fpcbp98ap
s26391-f2592-l150 s26391-f2592-l250 fmvlbp103
fpcbp49 fpcbp104 fpcbp104ap
fpcbp116 fpcbp116ap fpcbp83ap
fmvnbp132 fmvnbp133 fmvnbp135
fmvnbp136 fpcbp112 fpcbp112ap
fmvnbp144 fmvnbp145 fpcbp101
fpcbp101ap fpcbp102 fpcbp102ap
fmvnbp119 fmvnbp128 fmvnbp146
fpcbp145 fpcbp145ap fpcbp161ap
fmvtbbp107 fmvnbp161 fmvnbp162
fpcbp182 fpcbp183 fpcbp183ap
fpcbp175 fpcbp175ap fpcbp176
fpcbp176ap fpcbp177 fpcbp179
fpcbp179ap fpcbp107 fpcbp160
fpcbp160ap fpcbp96 fpcbp96z
fpcbp118 fpcbp118ap 644260
644270 644290 fpcbp94
fpcbp94ap fpcbp105 fpcbp105ap
fpcbp92 fpcbp92ap fmvnbp151
fmvnbp153 fpcbp147 fpcbp147ap
fpcbp149 fpcbp149ap fpcbp163z
fpcbp164z 643970 Fm-33
fpcbp42 fpcbp171 fpcbp171ap
644560 644570 Fm-62
Fm-63 fpcbp192 fpcbp192ap
fmvnbp152 fpcbp148 fpcbp148ap
s26391-f340-l220 cp345830-01 cp345840-01
fpcbp205 fpcbp205ap fpcbp194
fpcbp195 fpcbp195ap fpcbp159
fpcbp159ap cp432218-01 cp432221-01
fmvnbp173 fmvnbp174 fpb0213
fpcbp216 fpcbp216ap fpcbp217
fpcbp217ap fpcbp115 fpcbp115ap
fpb0227 fpcbp222 fpcbp222ap
cp293550-01 fmvnbp177 fmvnbp178
fpcbp218 fpcbp219 fpcbp220
fpcbp238ap 0644560 0644570
0644630 Fm-65 0643970
cp097161-01 fmvtbbp108 fpcbp123
fpcbp123ap fpcbp124 fpcbp124ap
fpcbp165ap fpcbp166ap fpcbp119
fpcbp119ap fpcbp120 fpcbp120ap
fpcbp206 fpcbp206ap cp459128-01
fmvnbp180 fmvnbp181 fmvnbp182
fmvnbp183 fpcbp225 fpcbp226
fpcbp227 fpcbp227ap fpcbp228ap
fpcbp230 cp477891-01 fmvnbp186
Btp-djk9 cp490712-01 fmvnbp187
fpcbp262 fpcbp263 cp255100-01
cp255100-Xx s26391-f5031-l200 cp212256-01
cp212256-03 cp240631-01 cp147686-01
cp176595-01 cp176595-Xx cp212020-01
cp257410-01 fmvnbp116 fpcbp121
fpcbp121ap fpcbp80 fpcbp80ap
fpcbp95 fpcbp95ap w01a-h06a
w01a-i30a w01a-j20a w01a-k04a
cp191241-01 cp191243-01 cp257405-01
cp267915-01 fmvnbp123 fpcbp108
fpcbp108ap fpcbp109 fpcbp109ap
fpcbp96ap x02a-110 x02a-6116
fpcbp165 cp293530-01 cp470833-Xx
fpcbp203 fpcbp219ap fpcbp220ap
fpcbp238 fpcbp281 fpcbp281ap
fpcbp282 fpcbp282ap s26391-f795-l300
s26391-f956-l100 s26391-f956-l200 cp283010-01
cp283010-Xx cp283020-01 cp283020-Xx
cp335276-01 fpb0216 cp335284-01
cp335311-01 fpb0145-01 fpcbp175a
fpcbp198 fpcbp199 fpcbp234
fpcbp234ap s26391-f405-l800 s26391-f405-l810
cp345713-01 fpcbp0156-01 fpcbp177a
fpcbp177ap cp345770-01 fmvnbp167
fmvnbp168 fpcbp201 fpcbp201ap
fpcbp202 fpcbp202ap cp345809-01
fpcbp186 fpcbp186ap fmvtbbp111
fpcbp207 fpcbp207ap cp355526-01
fpcbp204 fpcbp204ap fpcbp213
fmvnbp176 fpcbp0227 fpcbp226ap
fpcbp228 fpcbp230ap cp455632-01
fmvnbp185 fpcbp232 fpcbp232ap
fmvnbp189 fmvnbp194 cp489491-01
fpcbp260 fpcbp260ap fpcbp261
cp097166-01 cp097390-Xx cp148553-Xx
fpcbp65 fpcbp65ap cp112050-Xx
cp112055-01 cp112055-Xx fpcbp49ap
cp191102-01 cp245198-01 fpcbp83z
x01a-5210 x03a-6417 fpcbp276ap
s26391-f574-l100 fpcbp276 fpcbp250
fpcbp250ap s26391-f495-l100 s26391-f840-l100
fmvnbp195 fpcbp274 s26391-f545-b100
s26391-f545-e100 s26391-f545-l100 cp516151-01
fpcbp323ap cp567717-01 fmvnbp213
fpcbp331 fpcbp347ap cp568422-01
fmvnbp215 fmvnbp216 fpb0271
fpb0272 fpcbp334 fpcbp335
cp520130-01 fmvnbp203 fpcbp313
fpcbp313ap fpcbp313z fpcbp315z
fpcbp263ap 916t2023f Squ-905
cp478214-02 s26391-f421-l200 cp458102-01
fmvnbp198 fmvnbp199 fpcbp218ap
fpcbp282-K fpcbp283ap fpcbp325-K
fmvnbp219 fpb0280 fpcbp345z
fmvnbp225 fpcbp397ap cp178680-02
fpcbp74 fpcbp74ap fmvnbp193
fpb0244 fpcbp273 fmvnbp197
s26391-f547-l100 fpb0261 fpcbp324
fmvnbp217 fpcbp343 fpcbp343ap
fpcbp344 fmvnbp221 fpcbp374
fmvnbp228 fpcbp404 fpcbp404ap
cp574985-Xx fpb0278 cp126162-01
Fm-36 fpcbp59 fpcbp59ap
fmvnbp230 fpcbp410 fpb0285
cp355510-01 cp355518-01 fpb0158-01
fpb0159-01 0644550 0644670
0644680 fmvnbp210 fpcbp220a
fpcbp325 pfpcbp238ap fpb0304
cp520130-00 fpb0254 fpcbp397
fpb0260 fpb0316 bps229
bps231 fmvnbp227 fmvnbp229a
fmvnbp231 fmvnbp234 fmvnbp235
fpb0297s fpb0311s fpb0319s
fpbo311s fpcbp405 fpcbp416
fpcbp426 fpcbp426ap fpcbp429
fpcbp429ap fpcbp449 fpcbp388
fmvnbp232 fpcbp425 21-92348-01
21-92441-01 21-92441-02 (Smp) 21-92441-03
21-92441-04 21-92445-01 21-92445-03
21-92445-04 Dpk-lmxxss3 Dpk-lmxxss6
s26391-f6120-l450 Smp-lmxxps3 Smp-lmxxps6
Smp-lmxxss3 Smp-lmxxss6 Sol-lmxxml6

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

Lifebook e4010d Lifebook e7010 Lifebook e7110
Lifebook e752 Lifebook s752 Lifebook s782
Lifebook s792 Lifebook sh772 Lifebook sh782
Lifebook sh792 Lifebook uh574 Lifebook s7010
Lifebook s7010d Lifebook s7000/D Lifebook s7020
Lifebook s7020d Fmv-Lifebook s8205 Fmv-Lifebook s8305
Fmv-Biblo Loox M/d10 Fmv-Biblo Loox M/d15 Lifebook m2010
Lifebook m2011 Fmv-Stylistic tb10/B Fmv-Stylistic tb10/S
Fmv-Stylistic tb11/B Fmv-Stylistic tb11/R Fmv-Stylistic tb11/S
Fmv-Stylistic tb80 Fmv-Stylistic tb93/B Stylistic st4000
Stylistic st4000p Stylistic st4110 Stylistic st4110p
Stylistic st4120 Stylistic st4120p Stylistic st4121
Stylistic st4121p Stylistic st5000 Stylistic st5010
Stylistic st5010d Stylistic st5011 Stylistic st5011d
Stylistic st5020 Stylistic st5020d Stylistic st5021
Stylistic st5021d Stylistic st5022 Stylistic st5022d
Lifebook mh380 Fmv-Biblo Loox M/g30 Lifebook p1000
Lifebook p1030 Lifebook p1032 Lifebook p1035
Lifebook p1110 Lifebook p1120 Lifebook p2000
Lifebook p2040 Lifebook p2046 Lifebook p2110
Lifebook p2120 Fmv-Lifebook 270 Fmv-Lifebook 270ls
Fmv-Lifebook 270ls/w1 Fmv-Lifebook 270ls/Wl Fmv-Biblo Loox s73aw
Fmv-Biblo Loox s73a Fmv-Biblo Loox s8/70w Fmv-Biblo Loox s8/70
Fmv-Biblo Loox s9/70w Fmv-Biblo Loox s9/70 Fmv-Biblo Loox s80c/W
Fmv-Biblo Loox s80c Fmv-Biblo Loox s80b/W Fmv-Biblo Loox s80b
Fmv-Biblo Loox t8/80w Fmv-Biblo Loox t8/80 Fmv-Biblo Loox t9/80w
Fmv-Biblo Loox t9/80m Fmv-Biblo Loox t86aw Fmv-Biblo Loox t86a
Fmv-Biblo Loox t93b/W Fmv-Biblo Loox t93b Fmv-Biblo Loox t93c/W
Fmv-Biblo Loox t93c Lifebook n6110 Lifebook n6410
Lifebook n6420 Lifebook c1321 Lifebook c1320
Lifebook c1320d Lifebook bh531lb Lifebook a532
Lifebook ah532 Lifebook ah532/Gfx Lifebook lh532
Lifebook lh532 Ap q550 q550/C
q550lb Lifebook Ph 530 Lifebook lh701
Lifebook lh701a Fmv-Biblo Loox C/e50 Fmv-Biblo Loox C/e70
Lifebook ph540/1a Fmv-Biblo Loox M/e10 Fmv-Biblo Loox q70un
Fmv-q8220 Lifebook a561/D Lifebook ah52/Dna
Lifebook ah52/Ga Lifebook ah54/H Lifebook ah56/Cn
Lifebook ah56/Dn Lifebook ah56/H Lifebook ah77/Cn
Lifebook ah77/Dn Lifebook ah77/G Lifebook ah78/Ha
Lifebook e741/D Lifebook e751/C Lifebook e782
Lifebook lh772 Lifebook p701/C Lifebook p702
Lifebook p772 Lifebook ph702 Lifebook s561
Lifebook s751/C Lifebook s761/D Lifebook s762
Lifebook sh572 Lifebook sh762 Lifebook sh762/E
Lifebook sh771 Lifebook th550 Lifebook ah530
Lifebook e780 Lifebook a530 Fmv-b8200
Lifebook b6000d Lifebook b6110 Lifebook b6110d
Fmv-Biblo Loox p70r Fmv-Lifebook p8210 Fmv-Lifebook p8240
Lifebook p1510 Lifebook p1510d Lifebook p1610
Fmv-Biblo Mg Fmv-Biblo mg50g Fmv-Biblo mg50h
Fmv-Biblo mg50j Fmv-Biblo mg50k Fmv-Biblo mg50k/T
Fmv-Biblo mg50kn Fmv-Biblo mg50l Fmv-Biblo mg50l/T
Lifebook s6310 Lifebook s6311 Lifebook s7110
Lifebook s7111 Fmv-s8220 Fmv-s8225
Lifebook e8310 Lifebook s2210 Lifebook n6460
Lifebook n6470 Lifebook s7021 Lifebook s7011
Lifebook s7000 st5000/D Stylistic st5030d
Stylistic st5031 Stylistic st5031d Stylistic st5032
Stylistic st5032d Fmv-Stylistic tb12/R Fmv-Stylistic tb12/B
Fmv-Stylistic tb12/S Stylistic st5111 Stylistic st5112
Fmv-Biblo Loox ug90b Fmv-Biblo Loox ug90g Fmv-Biblo Loox ug90r
Lifebook uh900 Fmv-Biblo Loox u50wn Fmv-Biblo Loox u50x/V
Fmv-Biblo Loox u50xn Fmv-u8240 Fmv-u8250
Lifebook u810 Lifebook u1010 Esprimo Mobile u9200
Fmv-Biblo mg50s Fmv-Biblo mg50sn Fmv-Biblo mg50u
Fmv-Biblo mg50u/V Fmv-Biblo mg50w Fmv-Biblo mg55s
Fmv-Biblo mg55sn Fmv-Biblo mg55u Fmv-Biblo mg57sn
Fmv-Biblo mg70s/T Fmv-Biblo mg70sn Fmv-Biblo mg75s
Fmv-Biblo mg75sn Fmv-Biblo mg75u Fmv-s8250
Lifebook m1010 Lifebook n7010 Lifebook s6410
Lifebook s6421 Lifebook s6510 Lifebook s7210
Lifebook s7211 Lifebook a3110 Lifebook a3120
Lifebook a3130 Lifebook a3210 Lifebook a6010
Lifebook a6020 Lifebook a6025 Lifebook a6030
Lifebook a6110 Lifebook a6120 Fmv-7515nu5/B
Fmv-Biblo nb50j Fmv-Biblo nb50k Fmv-Biblo nb50kp
Fmv-Biblo nb55j Fmv-Biblo nb55j/T Fmv-Biblo nb55k
Fmv-Biblo nb55k/T Fmv-Biblo nb55l/T Fmv-Biblo nb70g
Fmv-Biblo nb70h/T Fmv-Biblo nb75g Fmv-Biblo nb75g/T
Fmv-Biblo nb75h Fmv-Biblo nb75h/T Fmv-Biblo nb75hav
Fmv-Biblo nb75j Fmv-Biblo nb75k Fmv-Biblo nb75k/T
Fmv-Biblo nb75l/T Fmv-Biblo nb75l/Ts Fmv-Biblo nb80j
Fmv-Biblo nb80k Fmv-Biblo nb90j/T Fmv-Biblo nb90j/Ts
Fmv-Biblo nb90k/T Fmv-Biblo nb90k/Ts Fmv-Biblo nc13d
Fmv-c6200 Lifebook a3040 Lifebook c2000
Lifebook c2310 Lifebook c2320 Lifebook c2330
Lifebook c2340 Loox s73aw Loox s8/70
Loox s8/70w Loox s80b Loox s80b/W
Loox s80c Loox s80c/W Loox s9/70
Loox s9/70w Loox t8/80 Loox t8/80w
Loox t86a Loox t86aw Loox t9/80m
Loox t9/80w Loox t93b Loox t93b/W
Loox t93c Loox t93c/W Lifebook n3500
Lifebook n3510 Lifebook n3511 Lifebook n3520
Lifebook n3530 Lifebook n6010 Lifebook n6200
Lifebook n6210 Lifebook n6220 Fmv-Biblo Loox q70tn
Fmv-q8230 Fmv-q8240 Lifebook q2010
Lifebook p1620 Lifebook p1630 Fmv-715nu3/B
Fmv-716nu3/B Fmv-7180nu4/Bx Fmv-718nu4/B
Fmv-718nu4/Bx Fmv-7190nu4/B Fmv-720nu5/B
Fmv-720nu5/Bx Fmv-7220nu5/B Fmv-722nu5/B
Fmv-Biblo nb10a Fmv-Biblo nb10al Fmv-Biblo nb10ar
Fmv-Biblo nb12a Fmv-Biblo nb12ac Fmv-Biblo nb14a
Fmv-Biblo nb14b Fmv-Biblo nb14b/R Fmv-Biblo nb15b
Fmv-Biblo nb15b/S Fmv-Biblo nb15b/T Fmv-Biblo nb16b
Fmv-Biblo nb16b/M Fmv-Biblo nb16c Fmv-Biblo nb16c/A
Fmv-Biblo nb16c/R Fmv-Biblo nb16c/St Fmv-Biblo nb16c/T
Fmv-Biblo nb16c/V Fmv-Biblo nb18b Fmv-Biblo nb18c
Fmv-Biblo nb18c/T Fmv-Biblo nb18d Fmv-Biblo nb18d/D
Fmv-Biblo nb18d/F Fmv-Biblo nb18d/L Fmv-Biblo nb18d/V
Fmv-Biblo nb19d Fmv-Biblo nb19d/D Fmv-Biblo nb50e
Fmv-Biblo nb50g Fmv-Biblo nb50h Fmv-Biblo nb53e
Fmv-Biblo nb55e Fmv-Biblo nb55e/T Fmv-Biblo nb55g
Fmv-Biblo nb55g/T Fmv-Biblo nb55h Fmv-Biblo nb55h/T
Fmv-Biblo nb7/750r Fmv-Biblo nb7/80c Fmv-Biblo nb7/80r
Fmv-Biblo nb70e Fmv-Biblo nb70e/T Fmv-Biblo nb8/1000l
Fmv-Biblo nb8/900l Fmv-Biblo nb8/90d Fmv-Biblo nb8/90dr
Fmv-Biblo nb9/1000l Fmv-Biblo nb9/1130h Fmv-Biblo nb9/1600l
Fmv-Biblo nb9/90r Fmv-Biblo nb9/95 Fmv-Biblo nb9/95l
Fmv-Biblo ne12a Fmv-Biblo ne12ab Fmv-Biblo ne12at
Fmv-Biblo ne7/1000h Fmv-Biblo ne7/75 Fmv-Biblo ne7/75w
Fmv-Biblo ne7/800 Fmv-Biblo ne7/800w Fmv-Biblo ne7/850h
Fmv-Biblo ne8/1000h Fmv-Biblo ne8/85 Fmv-Biblo ne8/900
Fmv-Biblo ne8/900w Fmv-Biblo ne9/1000 Fmv-Biblo ne9/1130
Fmv-Biblo ne9/1130m Fmv-Biblo rs18d Fmv-Biblo rs18d/D
Fmv-Biblo rs18d/St Fmv-Biblo rs18d/T Fmv-Biblo rs50e/T
Fmv-Biblo rs50g/T Fmv-Biblo rs55e/T Lifebook c2010
Lifebook c2100 Lifebook c2110 Lifebook c2111
Lifebook c6581 Lifebook c6591 Lifebook c6611
Lifebook c6630 Lifebook c6631 Lifebook c6632
Lifebook c6651 Lifebook c6659 Lifebook c6661
Lifebook c7600 Lifebook c7631 Lifebook c7651
Lifebook c7661 Lifebook p7230 Lifebook p7230d
Lifebook p7230p Fmv-a6250 Fmv-a8250
Lifebook a1110 Lifebook v1010 Lifebook v1020
Mv-q8220 Fmv-Biblo mg50ln Fmv-Biblo mg70g
Fmv-Biblo mg70g/St Fmv-Biblo mg75g Lifebook s2110
Lifebook s6000 Lifebook s6240 Lifebook t2020
Lifebook t2020 Tablet Pc Lifebook p8010 Lifebook p8020
Esprimo Mobile v5535 Esprimo Mobile v5545 Lifebook c1321d
Lifebook p3010 Lifebook p3110 Fmv-Biblo R/e50
Fmv-Biblo R/e70 Fmv-r8290 Fmv-s8490
Lifebook l1010 Lifebook lh700 Lifebook p8110
Lifebook s710 Lifebook sh560 Lifebook sh760
Lifebook n6400 Fmv-a2200 Fmv-a6260
Fmv-a6270 Fmv-a8260 Fmv-a8270
Lifebook a1120 Lifebook a1130 Lifebook v1030
Lifebook v1040 Lifebook v1040la Stylistic st5000/D
Stylistic st5030 Lifebook a1220 Lifebook a6210
Lifebook a6220 Lifebook ah550 Lifebook e8410
Lifebook e8420 Lifebook e8420e Lifebook e8420la
Lifebook nh570 Lifebook s6410c Lifebook s6420
Lifebook s6520 Lifebook s7220 Lifebook n3400
Lifebook n3410 Lifebook n3430 uh572
Stylistic q572 Stylistic q572-w7d-001 Stylistic q572-w8-001
Stylistic q572/G Biblo nh50e Biblo nh50g/T
Biblo nh50h/T Biblo nh70e Biblo nh90e
Biblo nh90e/N Lifebook n5000 Lifebook n5010
Lifebook mh30 Series Lifebook mh30/C Lifebook mh30/G
Lifebook nh751 Series fpbo261 Lifebook n532
Lifebook n532-0m3501de Lifebook n532/E Lifebook nh532
Lifebook q702 Stylistic q702 Lifebook e733
Lifebook e733-0mxp41de Lifebook e753 Lifebook lh522
Lifebook sh530 Lifebook ph520 Lifebook ph520/1a
Fmv-7160mr2 Fmv-7180mr3 Fmv-Biblo mg75e
Fmv-Biblo mr16ah Fmv-Biblo mr16b Lifebook c1110
Lifebook e2010 Lifebook e4010 Fmv-Biblo Loox p70s
Lifebook p8210 Lifebook p8240 Lifebook n6000
Fmv-Biblo mg12 Fmv-Biblo mg12b Fmv-Biblo mg12b/M
Fmv-Biblo mg12c Fmv-Biblo mg12c/M Fmv-Biblo mg12d
Fmv-Biblo mg13d Fmv-Biblo mg17d/A Fmv-Biblo mg50
Fmv-Biblo mg50e Fmv-Biblo mg50m Fmv-Biblo mg50m/T
Fmv-Biblo mg50r/T Fmv-Biblo mg55 Fmv-Biblo mg55e
Fmv-Biblo mg55r Fmv-Biblo mg70e Fmv-Biblo mg70e/St
Lifebook s6200 Lifebook s6210 Lifebook s6220
Lifebook s6230 Lifebook s6231 Lifebook t4000
Lifebook t4000d Lifebook t4010 Lifebook t4010d
Lifebook t4020 Lifebook t4020d Lifebook s7025
Lifebook s8205 Lifebook s8305 Lifebook b6000
Lifebook b8200 Stylistic st5000d Stylistic st5100
Fmv-Biblo Mg/g70 Fmv-Biblo Mg/g75 Fmv-Biblo mg50t
Fmv-Biblo mg55t Fmv-Biblo mg70s Fmv-Biblo mg75t
Fmv-Biblo S/c50 Fmv-Biblo S/d50 Fmv-Biblo S/g50
Lifebook ph701 Lifebook 50/C Lifebook 750/1a
Lifebook 770/3b Lifebook 770/5a Lifebook ah572
Lifebook e751 Lifebook lh520/3b Lifebook p701
Lifebook p770 Lifebook p771 Lifebook p771a
Lifebook ph74/C Lifebook s751 Lifebook s760
Lifebook s761 Lifebook s8220 Lifebook s8225
Lifebook s8250 Lifebook sh560/3a Lifebook sh561
Lifebook sh760/5a Lifebook sh761 Lifebook t580 Tablet Pc
Lifebook q8220 Lifebook q8230 Lifebook q8240
Lifebook a6230 Lifebook s7200 Lifebook s7220la
Lifebook u2010 Lifebook u2020 Lifebook u820
Lifebook u8240 Lifebook t2010 Tablet Pc Lifebook t2010
Fmv-Stylistic tb15/B Stylistic st6012 Lifebook a1100
Lifebook v1000 Fmv-Biblo Loox ug90 Lifebook a531
Lifebook ah42/E Lifebook ah530/3a Lifebook mh330
Lifebook c2210 Lifebook c2220 Lifebook c2230
Lifebook c2240 Fmv-270ls Fmv-270ls/w1
Loox s73a Fmv-Biblo nb40r Fmv-Biblo nb50
Fmv-Biblo nb55 Fmv-Biblo nb70 Fmv-Biblo nb75
Fmv-Biblo nb75l Fmv-Biblo nb80 Fmv-Biblo nb90
Lifebook c2120 Lifebook c6200 Lifebook s5582
Lifebook nh751 Lifebook ah531 Lifebook lh52/C
Lifebook lh520 Lifebook lh530 Lifebook ph50/C
Lifebook ph50/E Lifebook ph521 Lifebook bh531
Lifebook sh531 Lifebook lh531 Lifebook ah552
fpb0285 Celsius h700 Celsius h710
Celsius h910 fpbo260 fpbo316
Lifebook a544 Lifebook a564 Lifebook ah544
Lifebook ah564 Lifebook e544 Lifebook e554
Lifebook e734 Lifebook e743 Lifebook e744
Lifebook e754 Lifebook s904 Lifebook s935
Lifebook sh904 cp568120-Xx Lifebook t904
Lifebook t935 Lifebook u745 Amilo l1310g
Amilo l7320 Series Amilo Li 1705 Amilo li170
Amilo li1705 Series Amilo Pro v2030 Amilo Pro v2035
Amilo Pro v2055 Amilo Pro v3515 Series

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery fujitsu to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the fujitsu battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the fujitsu battery.
  4. Fujitsu laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the fujitsu battery from your fujitsu laptop when running on fixed power.

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