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HP DV9800 Battery Replacemnet Hp Pavilion dv9800 Series Battery
Hp Pavilion dv6900 Battery Replacemnet Hp Pavilion dv6900 Series Battery
Acer Aspire 5738G Battery Replacemnet Acer Aspire 5738G Battery
Sony Vgp-bps9 battery Replacemnet Sony Vgp-bps9 battery
Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba Pa3535u-1brs battery
Toshiba pa3728u-1brs battery Replacemnet Toshiba pa3728u-1brs battery

Replacement Lenovo Laptop Battery

Lenovo laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the lenovo laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every lenovo battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and lenovo laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Lenovo Battery Listed by Part No.

40y8317 40y8322 41u5027
Asm 42t5213 Asm 42t5217 Asm 92p1183
Asm 92p1187 Fru 42t4514 Fru 42t5212
Fru 42t5216 Fru 42t5241 Fru 42t5256
Fru 92p1188 55y2055 lo8s6t13
57y6459 57y6460 l09m3p13
l09o6d13 Fru 92p1186 Fru 92p1184
Asm 92p1185 40y8315 40y8313
Asm 92p1179 Fru 92p1180 Fru 92p1182
40y8319 40y8321 Asm 92p1219
Fru 92p1216 Fru 92p1220 40y8314
40y8318 Asm 42t5209 Fru 42t5204
Fru 42t5206 Fru 42t5208 Fru 42t5251
Asm bahl00l6s Fru 121ss080c Squ-409
bathgt31l6 l08s4x03 l08s7y03
43r1965 43r1967 Asm 42t4519
Asm 42t4523 Fru 42t4518 Fru 42t4522
l08o6d01 l08s6d01 Asm 42t4545
Fru 42t4651 45j7706 Asm 121000649
Fru 121ts0a0a l08l6d11 l08s6d11
l08s6d12 l08s6d21 43r9254
43r9255 Asm 42t4537 Asm 42t4541
Fru 42t4536 Fru 42t4538 Fru 42t4540
Fru 42t4542 Fru 42t4649 51j0226
Asm 42t4586 Fru 42t4585 l08l6c02
l08o6c02 l08s6c02 43r9252
Asm 42t4561 Fru 42t4560 Fru 42t4656
45j7914 Asm 42t4557 Asm 42t4559
Fru 42t4556 Fru 42t4558 Fru 42t4655
43r9256 43r9257 Asm 42t4565
Fru 42t4657 Fru 42t4658 batefl31l6
batefl31l9 l08s6t13 42t4575
42t4576 Asm 42t4703 Fru 42t4702
55y2054 l08l6d13 l08o6d13
l08s6d13 40y6795 40y6797
40y6799 41n5666 Asm 92p1128
Asm 92p1130 Asm 92p1132 Asm 92p1138
Asm 92p1140 Asm 92p1142 Fru 42t4502
Fru 42t4504 Fru 42t4511 Fru 42t4513
Fru 42t4619 Fru 42t5233 Fru 92p1127
Fru 92p1129 Fru 92p1131 Fru 92p1133
Fru 92p1137 Fru 92p1139 Fru 92p1141
l09c3b11 l09s3b11 l09s6y11
42t4731 42t4733 42t4737
42t4753 42t4757 51j0499
Asm 42t4752 Asm 42t4756 Asm 42t4796
Fru 42t4751 Fru 42t4755 Fru 42t4791
Fru 42t4793 Fru 42t4795 Fru 42t4797
Fru 42t4817 Fru 42t4819 51j0497
Asm 42t4691 Fru 42t4688 Fru 42t4690
57y6309 l09s6d21 57y6454
l09s6y02 l09m6y21 l09s6y21
42t4812 42t4813 57y4565
57y6265 l09c4p01 57y4558
57y4559 Asm 42t4784 Asm 42t4786
Asm 42t4788 Fru 42t4781 Fru 42t4783
Fru 42t4785 Fru 42t4787 Fru 42t4789
57y6440 l09n6d16 57y6354
l09m3d13 l09m6d13 pp31at128
57y6450 57y6452 l09m4t09
l09m8t09 l09s4t09 l09s8l09
121000919 121000920 121000921
121000922 121000925 121000926
121000927 121000929 121000930
121000931 121000932 57y6442
57y6444 57y6446 57y6448
l09c3b14 l09c3z14 l09c6y14
l09m3z14 l09m6y14 l09s3z14
l09s6y14 42t4763 42t4765
51j0500 42t4801 42t4799
42t4739 57y4545 42t5209
42t5204 42t5206 42t5208
42t5251 42t5259 42t5260
93p5031 93p5032 42t4507
42t5250 42t4832 42t4833
42t4725 42t4726 57y6266
Asm 42t4728 Fru 42t4727 l06l6y02
l08n6y02 l08s6d02 l08s6y02
121000723 121000791 121000792
121000793 42t2722 42t4577
42t4579 42t4581 42t4583
42t4584 42t4585 42t4586
42t4721 42t4727 42t4728
42t4729 42t4730 l08l6y02
40y6798 42t4502 42t4504
42t4511 42t4513 42t5233
92p1127 92p1128 92p1129
92p1130 92p1131 92p1132
92p1133 92p1134 92p1137
92p1138 92p1139 92p1140
92p1141 92p1142 l08m6d21
121000630 121sp010c 121ss080c
bahl00l65 bahl00l6s 57y6527
57y6528 l08o4c02 42t4509
42t5222 42t5223 92p1219
92p1220 l08p6d11 55y9382
55y9383 57y6273 57y6275
l09c3b12 l09c6y12 l09c6yu11
l09m3b11 121000928 121001117
121001118 121001119 121001138
121001139 121001141 57y6517
57y6519 57y6522 57y6524
57y6631 57y6632 57y6633
57y6634 l09m6z14 l09c6d21
l09c6d22 l09l8d21 l09s4b21
l09s8d21 42t4805 42t4806
42t4807 42t4808 42t4814
42t4815 57y4564 42t4702
42t4703 42t4708 42t4709
42t4710 42t4711 42t4712
42t4713 42t4714 42t4715
42t4735 42t4751 42t4752
42t4755 42t4756 42t4764
42t4790 42t4791 42t4793
42t4795 42t4796 42t4797
42t4798 42t4802 42t4803
42t4817 42t4819 42t4912
51j0498 57y4185 57y4186
Asm 42t4711 Asm 42t4794 Fru 42t4710
Fru 42t4799 Fru 42t4801 Fru 42t4803
0a36278 42t4781 42t4783
42t4784 42t4785 42t4786
42t4787 42t4788 42t4789
42t4829 42t4831 42t4841
42t4843 42t4854 42t4855
42t4856 42t4889 42t4891
42t4893 42t4894 42t4895
42t4897 42t4534 42t4536
42t4537 42t4538 42t4540
42t4541 42t4542 42t4543
42t4646 42t4647 42t4648
42t4649 42t4650 42t4694
42t4696 42t4823 42t4825
42t4834 42t4835 42t4837
43r9253 Fur 42t4649 42t4562
42t4564 42t4657 42t4658
42t4827 42t4518 42t4519
42t4522 42t4523 42t4641
42t4642 42t4643 40y7904
42t4639 42t4660 42t4661
42t5207 Fru 42t4507 Fru 93p5031
Fru 93p5032 40y7003 42t4505
42t4506 42t4550 42t4567
42t4568 42t4570 42t4571
42t4631 42t4632 42t4633
42t5224 42t5247 42t5248
42t5249 42t5258 42t5266
92p1163 92p1167 92p1169
92p1171 92p1173 93p5027
93p5028 93p5029 93p5030
121zs07oc 6-87-m6e6s-454 90-nfy6b1000
90nfv6b1000z 90nitlilg2su1 42t4847
Fru 42t4847 Asm 42t4952 0a36290
42t4951 42t4952 Fru 42t4951
0a36281 0a36282 0a36283
42t4863 42y4864 42t4867
42y4868 42t4873 42y4874
42t4901 42t4902 42y4940
0a36285 0a36286 42t4877
42t4878 42t4879 42t4880
42t4881 42t4882 lo9s6y02
lo9l6y02 l10p6y22 l10p6f21
l10m6f21 l10c6y02 l09n6y02
l09m6y02 l09l6y02 l09c6y02
l08s6y21 57y6455 121001150
121001097 121001096 121001095
121001094 121001091 121001089
121001071 lo9n6d16 l10s6y01
l10n6y01 l10l6y01 l09s6d16
l09l6d16 l08s6db bl11148le38
57y6567 121000918 121000917
121000916 42t5263 42t4853
42t4740 05787yj 42t4655
42t4559 42t4558 42t4557
42t4556 42t4688 42t4689
42t4690 42t4691 42t4820
42t4821 57y6625 57y6626
l10p6f01 l10s6f01 3icr19/66-2
l10c6y11 l10m6y11 3ur18650f-2-qc186
411181429 916c4340f Squ-504
l09m8y21 l09n4b21 l09n8y21
Fru 42t4881 Asm 42t4882 42t4877l
Fru 42y4874 Fru 42y4868 Fru 42y4864
Fru 42t4942 Fru 42t4941 Fru 42t4940
Fru 42t4875 Fru 42t4873 Fru 42t4865
Fru 42t4863 Fru 42t4861 Asm 42t4862
l09n8p01 57y6352 Fru 42t4961
Fru 42t4959 Fru 42t4957 Fru 42t4947
Asm 42t4962 Asm 42t4960 Asm 42t4958
Asm 42t4948 42t4949 42t4945
42t4943 0a36292 45k2221
Fru 121001073 Fru 121001074 Fru 121001107
Fru 121001108 Fru 121001151 Fru 121001154
Fru l10c6f01 Fru l10p6f01 Fru l10p6y01
Fru l10s6f01 45n1036 45n1037
45n1064 45n1065 2516cto
Asm 42t4740 Asm 42t4754 Asm 42t4790
Asm 42t4792 Asm 42t4802 Asm 45n1006
Fru 42t4739 Fru 42t4753 Fru 45n1007
57y6652 57y6653 57y6654
57y6655 57y6656 57y6657
57y6658 57y6659 3icr19/66
121001032 121001033 121001034
57y6568 l10c6f01 Fru 42t4812
Fru 42t4813 Fru 42t4815 Fru 42t4858
Fru 57y4565 Fru 121001056 Fru 121001071
Fru 121001091 Fru 121001094 Fru 121001095b470
Fru 121001096 Fru 121001097 Fru l08s6y21
Fru l09c6y02 Fru l09l6y02 Fru l09m6y02
Fru l09n6y02 Fru l09s6y02 Fru l10c6y02
Fru l10m6f21 Fru l10n6y02 Fru l10p6f21
Fru l10p6y22 Fru lo9l6y02 Fru lo9s6y02
lo8s6d13 lo8o6d13 lo8l6d13
Fru 42t4735 Fru 42t4737 Fru 42t4848
Fru 42t4851 Fru 42t4925 Fru 42t4927
Asm 42t4846 42t4846 42t4845
42t4844 0a36309 0a36287
0a36303 Asm 45n1000 Fru 45n1001
45n1006 45n1007 45n1004
45n1005 45n1098 l12l4k01
l12m4e21 l12m4k01 l12s4e21
l12s4k01 l11m4p13 4icr17/65
l12s4z01 45n1070 45n1071
l10m2p21 batdat20 mb06
42t4330 42t4331 Asm 42t4928
Asm 42t4930 Fru 42t4929 Fru 42t4931
Asm 45n1042 Asm 45n1048 Fru 45n1043
Fru 45n1049 l1036f01 l11l6f01
l11l6r01 l11l6y01 l11m6y01
l11n6r01 l11n6y01 l11p6r01
l11s6f01 l11s6y01 l12c3a01
l12m3a01 l12s3f01 l11l6p01
l11m3p02 l12l4a02 l12l4e01
l12m4a02 l12m4e01 l12s4a02
l12s4e01 l12t1p33 121500205
121500206 l13l1p21 42t4984
42t4976 42t4935 42t4934
42t4933 42t4932 42t4931
42t4930 42t4929 42t4928
0a36279 42t4936 42t4937
42t4938 42t4939 42t4978
45n1092 45n1093 45n1100
45n1101 45n1102 45n1103
45n1120 45n1121 45n1123
45n1122 l09m4p16 57y6601
l10m4p11 l10m4p12 l10m2121
l11m2p01 l11m3p01 121500165
121500166 121500167 121500168
l12l4a01 l12l4k51 l12m4a01
l12m4e51 l12m4k51 l12s4a01
l12s4e51 l12s4f01 l12s4k51
l12m2p31 121500191 45n1184
45n1185 l12l4e55 l12s4l01
0c52861 0c52862 121500147
121500152 121500213 45n1124
45n1125 45n1126 45n1127
45n1128 45n1132 45n1133
45n1136 45n1137 45n1734
45n1736 45n1737 121500158
121500159 45n1138 45n1139
45n1140 45n1141 20at0019cd
45n1144 45n1145 45n1147
45n1148 45n1149 45n1150
45n1151 45n1153 45n1158
45n1159 45n1769 45n1779
45n1161 45n1160 45n1164
45n1165 45n1166 45n1167
pxd3x2 45n1704 45n1705
45n1750 45n1751 45n1754
121500156 l12m4p21 l13m4p02
l13d2e31 l13d3e31 0a36316
0a36317 45n1074 45n1075
45n1076 45n1077 45n1078
45n1079 121500143 121500144
45n1108 45n1109 45n1110
45n1111 45n1084 45n1085
121500077 45n1088 45n1089
45n1090 45n1091 l11n3p51
l11s3p51 45n1096 45n1097
45n1099 l09n8t22 l09n8y22
l09p8y22 lo9p8y22 l09l4b21
45n1086 45n1087 121500178
121500179 121500180 121500194
1icp3/80/a7 l12d1p31 31502371
4icp5/57/122-2 1icp3/62/147-2 l11c2p32
l11s2p01 31504999 h12gt201a
l09s3e31 l09c3e31 l13d1p31
bl207 l10m2i21 l10m4e21
45n1094 45n1095 45n1168
04w1890 0a33932 0a36280
42t4861 42t4862 42t4865
42t4866 42t4875 42t4876
42t4899 42t4940 42t4941
42t4942 42t4967 Asm 42t4904
Fru 42t4903 45j77o6 Asm 121000659
Asm 121tm030a Fru 121tm030a lo8m6d21
lo8p6d11 Asm 42t4539 Asm 42t4543
l0806d02 l08l6co2 l08l6d02
l08n6yo2 l08o4co2 l08o6co2
l08s6co2 lo8l6c02 lo8l6d02
lo8n6y02 lo8o4c02 lo8o6c02
lo8s6c02 41u5025 41u5026
42t4516 42t5236 42t5237
42t5238 42t4769 42t4770
l11c2p31 l10s2p22 l1os2p22
lb42212c l10c4p11 l10n6p11
121500028 h11gt101a l10c1p22
45n1114 45n1115 l12l3p51
21cp5/69/71-3 2icp5/69/71-2 l12l4p63
l11l6p61 l11m3p62 l12l4p62
l12m4p62 l10m2122 l10m4p21
l10m4p22 l10m6a21 l08m6d23
l08m6d24 l09m6d21 l09m8d21
l10p6y21 2icp5/66/125 l13m2p23
l13c3e31 00hw006 sb10f46444
121500234 l13m6p71 l13s6p71
21cp5/57/128-2 l13n4p01 l13c4p01
l13l4p01 l13m4p01 2icp4/52/120-2
l14d2p31 11cp3/84/96-2 45n1758
45n1759 45n1760 45n1761
45n1762 45n1763 45n1706
45n1707 45n1169 45n1755
45n1756 45n1757 l10m2p22
l12d2p31 l13m1p21 00hw003
45n1701 45n1702 45n1703
sb10f46441 40y678 41u4890
45n1040 45n1041 51j0507
51j0508 57y4536 42t4963
42t4964 42t4965 42t4966
42t4985 42t4842 Fru 42t478
45n1002 45n1003 45n1000
45n1001 45n1022 45n1023
45n1024 45n1025 45n1026
45n1027 45n1172 45n1038
45n1039 0a36311 121500047
121500048 121500049 121500050
121500051 121500053 45n1042
45n1043 45n1044 45n1045
45n1046 45n1048 45n1049
45n1050 45n1051 45n1052
Lc 121500047 45n1056 45n1057
45n1058 45n1059 45n1060
45n1061 45n1062 45n1063
45n1131 12150014 121500145
45n1112 45n1113 Asm 45n1112
Fru 45n1113 Lc 121500145 45n1116
45n1117 45n1118 45n1119
45n1765 1icp4/57/104-2 45n1714
45n1715 1icp4/83/113 45n1726
45n1727 45n1728 45n1729
45n1732 45n1733 121500239
121500240 121500241 121500242
121500243 121500244 45n1186
45n1187 l12m4e55 l12s4e55
l13l4a01 l13m4a01 l13s4a01
121500192 l08m4b21 l08m6d25
l10m6h21 l12c4p11 l12l4p61
l12m2p01 l12n2p01 1icp3/100/114
l13d1p32 3icp4/70/102 l13l3p61
l13l4e61 l13s4a61 1icp4/83/103-2
l13m2p22 l13n2p21 l13m4p21
l13l4p21 l13s2p21 121500232
121500225 2icp5/57/123-2 l13s4p21
l14m4p71 00hw004 oowh004
sb10f46442 00hw001 sb10f46439
batel80l6 batel80l9 batfl91l6
batft10l61 42t4670 42t4671
41u3196 41u3197 41u3198
42t4530 42t4531 42t4532
42t4533 42t4546 42t4547
42t4552 42t4644 42t4645
42t4652 42t4743 42t5225
42t5226 42t5227 42t5228
42t5229 42t5230 42t5262
42t5264 42t5265 43r2499
Asm 42t5265 Fru 42t4548 Fru 42t5262
Fru 42t5264 42t4235 42t4848
42t4969 Asm 42t4838 Fru 42t4704
Fru 42t4706 Fru 42t4708 Fru 42t4712
Fru 42t4714 Fru 42t4731 Fru 42t4913
42t4872 42t4900 0c52863
45n1152 45n1146 45n1748
45n1749 45n15e9 45n8961
45ne560 45nyu63 45r6758
l08l6d12 lo8l6d12 lo8s6d12
l12m4p61 l13l4a61 l13m4a61
45n1716 45n1717 45n1720
45n1721 00hw009 sb10f46447
l11l6r02 l11s6r01 l12l6a01
l12l6e01 l12s6a01 l12s6e01
l13l4p61 l13m4p61 l13m4p71
l13m6p61 l14c3k31 l14d2k31
l14d3k31 l14c3p60 l14l3p21
l14s3p21 l14m2p21 l14m4p72
l14m4pa0 l14m4pao l14s3a01
l14s4a01 l14s4e01 l15d1p32

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

y200 Series 505s Touch g400s
g400s Touch g405s g405s Touch
g410s g410s Touch g500s
g500s Touch g500s-59367693 g505s
g505s Touch g505s-20255 g510s
g510s Touch s410p s410p Touch
s510p s510p Touch sr1000at-Ise
z710 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34438hc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34438lc
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443a89 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443a92 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443a93
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443a94 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443a96 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443a99
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443aa1 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443aa2 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443ab1
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443ab2 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443ab3 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3443ca6
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444 Series Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-25u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-28u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-2du Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-2gu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-2hu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-2ku Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-4zu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-52u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-53u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-54u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-f9u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Fau Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Fbu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Fcu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Fdu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Feu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Ffu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Fgu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34442sc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34442tc
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 344448c Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34444hc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444ca6
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448 Series Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-22u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-23u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-24u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-25u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-2mu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-34u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-35u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-39u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-3au Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-b2u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-b3u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-b4u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-b6u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-b8u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-Bbu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448au9 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448av1
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448aw4 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448az1 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448bv1
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448ca6 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460 Series Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-22u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-23u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-24u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-25u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-34u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-35u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-36u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-37u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-58u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-59u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bfu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bgu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bnu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bpu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bqu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bru
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 344325c Thinkpad x1 Carbon 344326c Thinkpad x1 Carbon 344327c
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34432ac Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34432pc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34432sc
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 344368c Thinkpad x1 Carbon 344369c Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34436ac
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34436bc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34436dc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34436fc
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34436hc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34438bc Thinkpad x1 Carbon 34438cc
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-55u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-56u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-59u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-5au Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Awu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Azu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-b7u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-b8u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-b9u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Bau Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Bbu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Bcu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Bdu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Beu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Bfu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Cuu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Cwu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Cxu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-Cyu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-f7u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444-f8u
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-58u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-59u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-5au
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-5bu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-5cu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-5du
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-7fu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-7mu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-7nu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-7pu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-8ru Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-8su
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-94u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-95u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-Avu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-Awu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-Axu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-Ayu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448-Azu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-5au Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-5bu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-5cu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-5du Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-9ru
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-9su Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-9tu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-9uu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-9vu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-9wu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Alu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Amu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Avu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Awu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Axu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Ayu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Azu
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-b2u Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Bdu Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460-Beu
45n1099 Ideapad z400 Ideapad z400a
Ideapad z400a-Ifi Ideapad z400a-Ith Ideapad z500
Ideapad z500a Ideapad z500a-Ifi Ideapad Yoga 11
Ideapad yoga11-Tth Ideapad s300 Ideapad s300-Bni
Ideapad s300-Ith Ideapad s400 Ideapad s400-Ifi
Ideapad s400-Ith Ideapad s405 Ideapad s405-Aei
Ideapad s405-Afo Ideapad s405-Asi Thinkpad l420 7827-Cto
Thinkpad l420 7827-5bx Thinkpad l420 7827-5ax Thinkpad l420 7827-4ex
Thinkpad l420 7827-4dx Thinkpad l420 7827-4cx Thinkpad l420 7826-Cto
Thinkpad l420 7826-4bx Thinkpad l420 7826-4ax Thinkpad l420 7826-49x
Thinkpad l420 7826-48x Thinkpad l420 7826-47x Thinkpad l420 7826-46x
Thinkpad l420 7826-45x Thinkpad l420 7826-3qx Thinkpad l420 7826-3px
Thinkpad l420 7826-3nx Thinkpad l420 7826-3mx Thinkpad l420 7826-3lx
Thinkpad l420 7826-3kx Thinkpad l420 7826-3jx Thinkpad l520 5016-5mx
Thinkpad l520 5016-5lx Thinkpad l520 5016-4jx Thinkpad l520 5016-4hx
Thinkpad l520 5016-4gx Thinkpad l520 5016-4fx Thinkpad l520 5015-Cto
Thinkpad l520 5015-3ex Thinkpad l520 5015-3dx Thinkpad l520 5015-37x
Thinkpad l520 5015-36x Thinkpad l510 2931-Cto Thinkpad l510 2875-Cto
Thinkpad l510 2874-Cto Thinkpad l420 7829-5dx Thinkpad l420 7829-5cx
Thinkpad l420 7829-5bx Thinkpad l420 7829-5ax Thinkpad l420 7829-59x
Thinkpad l420 7829-58x Thinkpad l420 7829-54x Thinkpad l420 7829-53x
Thinkpad l420 7829-4zx Thinkpad l420 7826-3hx Thinkpad l420 5019-Cto
Thinkpad l420 5017-Cto Thinkpad l420 5017-4xx Thinkpad l420 5017-4wx
Thinkpad l420 5017-4vx 3000 c200 3000 c200 8922
3000 n100 3000 n200 (15.4 Inch Widescreen) 3000 n200 0769
g470ax-Ith g560-0679 g770
g770a g770e g770l
g780 Ideapad b475 Ideapad b475a
Ideapad b475g Ideapad g460al-Ith Ideapad g470-Ith
Ideapad g470a-Bni Ideapad g470a-Ifi Ideapad g470a-Ith
Ideapad g470ah-Ifi Ideapad g470ah-It Ideapad g470al-Bni
Ideapad g470g-Bei Ideapad g470gl-Bei Ideapad v470a-Ifi
Ideapad v470c Ideapad v475 Ideapad v570c
k47 k47a k47g
v470c v475 z460
Ideapad s10-3 0647 Ideapad s10-3 064735u Ideapad s10-3 064737u
Ideapad s10-3 064738u Ideapad s10-3 064746u Ideapad s10-3 06474cu
Ideapad s10-3 064752m Ideapad s10-3 064757m Ideapad s10-3 064759m
Ideapad s10-3 0647ebv Ideapad s10-3 0647efv Ideapad s10-3 20039
Ideapad s10-3 59-045096 Ideapad s10-3 m33d3uk Ideapad s10-3a
Ideapad s10-3c Ideapad s100 Ideapad s205
Ideapad u160 Ideapad u165 Ideapad u165-Aon
Ideapad u165-Ath Ideapad s10-3 - 06474cu Ideapad b560g
Ideapad v560a Ideapad v560g Ideapad y460-063346u
Ideapad y460-063347u Ideapad y460at-Ifi Ideapad y460at-Ith
Ideapad y460c Ideapad y460d Ideapad y470n-Ifi
Ideapad y470n-Ise Ideapad y470n-Ith Ideapad y470p-Ifi
Ideapad y470p-Ise Ideapad y560a-Ifh Ideapad y560at-Ifi
Ideapad y560at-Ise Ideapad y560dt Ideapad y560n
Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196 3000 n100 0689 3000 n100 0768
Ideapad y471 Ideapad y471a Ideapad y471d
Ideapad y471g Ideapad y471m Ideapad y471n
Ideapad y471p Thinkpad t430si Thinkpad t430s
Thinkpad sl410 2931-Cto Thinkpad sl410 2875-Cto Thinkpad sl410 2874-Cto
Thinkpad sl410 2873-Cto Thinkpad sl410 2847-Cto Thinkpad sl410 2842-Cto
Thinkpad l520 7860-Cto Thinkpad l520 7860-3jx Thinkpad l520 7860-3hx
Thinkpad l520 7860-3dx Thinkpad l520 7826-3nx Thinkpad l520 7826-3mx
Thinkpad l520 7826-3lx Thinkpad l520 7826-3kx Thinkpad l520 7826-3jx
Thinkpad l520 7826-3hx Thinkpad l520 5019-Cto Thinkpad l520 5017-Cto
Thinkpad l520 5017-4xx Thinkpad l520 5017-4wx Thinkpad l520 5017-4vx
Thinkpad l520 5017-4ux Thinkpad l520 5017-4tx Thinkpad l520 5017-4sx
Thinkpad l520 5017-4rx Thinkpad l520 5017-4qx Thinkpad l520 5017-4px
Thinkpad l520 5016-Cto Thinkpad l520 5016-67x Thinkpad l520 5016-66x
Thinkpad l520 5016-65x 3000 c100 0761 3000 c100
3000 v100 0763 3000 v100 3000 v200
Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc 6363 Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc 6364 Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc 6365
Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc 6366 Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc 6367 Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc 6368
Thinkpad x60 Tablet Pc Thinkpad x61 Tablet Pc 7764 Thinkpad x61 Tablet Pc 7767
Thinkpad x61 Tablet Pc 3000 g400 14001 3000 g400 2048
3000 g400 59011 3000 g400 3000 g410
Thinkpad l420 5017-4ux Thinkpad l420 5017-4tx Thinkpad l420 5017-4sx
Thinkpad l420 5017-4rx Thinkpad l420 5017-4qx Thinkpad l420 5017-4px
Thinkpad l420 5016-Cto Thinkpad l420 5016-67x Thinkpad l420 5016-66x
Thinkpad l420 5016-65x Thinkpad l420 5016-5mx Thinkpad l420 5016-5lx
Thinkpad l520 7854-4hx Thinkpad l520 7854-4gx Thinkpad l520 7854-3zx
Thinkpad l520 7854-3yx Thinkpad l520 7854-3xx Thinkpad l520 7854-3qx
Thinkpad l520 7854-3px Thinkpad l520 7854-3nx Thinkpad l520 7854-3mx
Thinkpad l520 7854-3lx Thinkpad l520 7854-3kx Thinkpad l520 7854-3jx
Thinkpad l520 7854-3hx Thinkpad l520 7854-3gx Thinkpad l520 7854-3fx
Thinkpad l520 7854-3ex Thinkpad l520 7854-3dx Thinkpad l520 7854-3cx
Thinkpad l520 7854-3bx Thinkpad l520 7854-3ax Thinkpad l520 7854-39x
Thinkpad l420 7859-6ax Thinkpad l420 7859-67x Thinkpad l420 7859-66x
Thinkpad l420 7859-65x Thinkpad l420 7859-64x Thinkpad l420 7859-63x
Thinkpad l420 7859-5zx Thinkpad l420 7859-5yx Thinkpad l420 7859-5xx
Thinkpad l420 7859-5wx Thinkpad l420 7859-5nx Thinkpad l420 7859-5mx
Thinkpad l420 7859-5kx Thinkpad l420 7859-5hx Thinkpad l420 7859-5gx
Thinkpad l420 7859-4vx Thinkpad l420 7859-4ux Thinkpad l420 7859-4tx
Thinkpad l420 7859-4sx Thinkpad l420 7859-4rx Thinkpad l420 7859-4qx
Thinkpad l420 7859-4px Thinkpad l420 7859-4nx Thinkpad l420 7859-4hx
Thinkpad l420 7859-4gx Thinkpad l420 7859-4fx Thinkpad l420 7859-43x
Thinkpad l420 7859-42x Thinkpad l420 5016-4jx Thinkpad l420 5016-4hx
Thinkpad l420 5016-4gx Thinkpad l420 5016-4fx Thinkpad l420 5015-Cto
Thinkpad l420 5015-3ex Thinkpad l420 5015-3dx Thinkpad l420 5015-37x
Thinkpad l420 5015-36x Thinkpad l410 2931-Cto Thinkpad l410 2875-Cto
Thinkpad l410 2874-Cto Thinkpad Edge e420 1198-Cto Thinkpad Edge e420 1167-Cto
Thinkpad Edge e420 1141-Cto Thinkpad t430 Thinkpad t430i
Thinkpad t530 Thinkpad w530 Thinkpad t530 2429
Thinkpad t530i Thinkpad l530 Thinkpad l430
Thinkpad x61 7673 Thinkpad x61 7674 Thinkpad x61 7675
Thinkpad x61 7676 Thinkpad x61 7678 Thinkpad x61 7679
Thinkpad x61 Thinkpad x61s Thinkpad x61s 15th Anniversary Edition
Thinkpad x61s 7666 Thinkpad x61s 7667 Thinkpad x61s 7668
Thinkpad x61s 7669 Thinkpad x61s 7670 Thinkpad x61s 7671
Thinkpad Edge e420s Thinkpad Edge e220s Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038rz8
Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038rt3 Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038c19 Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038c18
Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038c17 Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038c13 Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038c12
Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038c11 Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038a1 Thinkpad Edge e220s 50385xb
Thinkpad Edge e220s 503856u Thinkpad Edge e220s 50383lb Thinkpad Edge e220s 50383ja
Thinkpad Edge e220s 503832c Thinkpad Edge e220s 50382zc Thinkpad Edge e220s 50382nu
Thinkpad Edge e220s 50382ku Thinkpad x1 Series Thinkpad s230u Twist
Thinkpad s230u Twist 334725c Thinkpad s230u Twist 334724c Thinkpad s230u Twist 33473gc
Thinkpad s230u Twist 33473jc Thinkpad s230u Twist 33473lc Thinkpad s230u Twist 33473mc
Thinkpad s230u Twist 33473qc Thinkpad s230u Twist 33473xc Thinkpad s230u Twist 33474wc
Thinkpad s230u Twist 33474zc Thinkpad s230u Twist 3347aa9 Thinkpad Twist s203u
Thinkpad Helix i5-3337u Thinkpad Helix i5-3427u Thinkpad Helix i7-3667u
Thinkpad Helix 698-44g Thinkpad Helix 3698-3zg Thinkpad Helix 3698-Tx
Thinkpad Helix 3698-6eu Thinkpad Helix 3698-4uu Thinkpad Helix 3698-4pu
Thinkpad Helix 3698-4nu Thinkpad Helix 3698-4su Thinkpad Helix 3698-4ru
Thinkpad Helix 3698-4mu Thinkpad Helix 3698-4lu Thinkpad Helix 3698-4ku
Thinkpad Helix 3701-37u Thinkpad Helix 3701-35u Thinkpad Helix 3701-34u
Thinkpad Helix 3701-33u Thinkpad Helix 3701-32u Thinkpad Helix 3701-2qu
Thinkpad Helix 3701-2pu Thinkpad Helix 3702-5au Thinkpad Helix 3702-46u
Thinkpad Helix 3702-45u Thinkpad Helix 3702-44u Thinkpad Helix 3702-43u
Thinkpad x1 Helix Series Thinkpad t431s Series Ideapad u260 Series
Ideapad u260 0876-32u Ideapad u260 0876-33u Ideapad u260 0876-34u
Ideapad u260 0876-3au Ideapad u260 0876-3bu Ideapad u260 0876-3cu
Ideapad u260 0876-3du Ideapad u410-Ifi Ideapad u410 Series
Ideapad u410 u410-Ise Ideapad u410 u410-Ith Ideapad u300
Ideapad u300s Ideapad u300s-Ifi Ideapad u300s-Ise
Ideapad Yoga 13 Series Ideapad yoga13-Ifi Ideapad yoga13-Ise
Ideapad yoga13-Ith Ideapad k1 Tablet Pc s200 Tablet Pc
s206 Tablet Pc Ideapad u310 4375-62g Ideapad u310 4375-64g
Ideapad u310 4375-b2u Ideapad u310 4375-b8u Ideapad u310 4375-b9u
Ideapad u310 4375-Bau Ideapad u310 43752bu Ideapad u310 43752cu
Ideapad u310 43752yu Ideapad u310 43754c Ideapad u310 43754dj
Ideapad u310 4375b2u Ideapad u310 4375b8u Ideapad u310 4375b9u
Ideapad u310 4375bau Ideapad u310 4375bfu Ideapad u310 4375bgu
Ideapad u310 4375bhu Ideapad u310 4375bju Ideapad u310 59351641
Ideapad u310 59351642 Ideapad u310 59351644 Ideapad u310 59351646
Ideapad u310 59351647 Ideapad u310 mag62 Ideapad u310 mag62ge
Ideapad u310 mag66ge Ideapad u310 mag67ge Ideapad u310 mag6b
Ideapad u310 mag6bge Ideapad u310 mag6j Ideapad u310 Series
Ideapad u410 Thinkpad s5 Series Thinkpad s5-s531 Series
Thinkpad s531 Series Flex 14 Series Flex 14at-Ifi
Flex 14d Series Flex 14m Series Flex 15
Flex 15d Series Ideapad Flex 14 Series Ideapad Flex 14m Series
Ideapad Flex 15 Series Ideapad Flex 15m Series Ideapad s500 Series
Ideapad s500 Touch Ideapad s500 Touch Series Ideapad z501
Ideatab k301w Ideatab k3011w Ideatab k30pk11
z400 Ideapad s415 Ideapad s6000
Ideapad s6000f Ideapad s6000l Ideatab s2110
Ideatab s2110af miix2- 8 Inch Tablet Thinkpad s440
Thinkpad l440 Thinkpad l540 Thinkpad t440p
Thinkpad t540p Thinkpad w540 Thinkpad s531
Thinkpad s540 Thinkpad s1 Yoga Thinkpad Yoga 11e
45n1755 Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro Ideapad Yoga 2 Pro 13
Erazer y50-70am-Ifi Erazer y50-70as-Ise Pad b6000
Yoga Tablet 8 Yoga Tablet b8000 Thinkpad x230t
Thinkpad x230t n2c2age Thinkpad x230s Thinkpad x230s-20ah000ecd
Thinkpad s420 Thinkpad s430 v490u
v590u Thinkpad t430u Series Thinkpad t430u 33512ac
Thinkpad t430u 33512hc Thinkpad t430u 33514pc Thinkpad t430u 33515xc
Thinkpad t430u 33515zc Thinkpad t430u 335162c Thinkpad t430u 335168c
Thinkpad t430u 335169c Thinkpad t430u 335172c Thinkpad t430u 335173c
Thinkpad t430u 33519nc Thinkpad t430u 33519sc Thinkpad t430u 33519vc
Thinkpad t430u 33519wc Thinkpad t430u 33519xc Thinkpad t430u 3351a26
Thinkpad t430u 3351a32 Thinkpad t430u 3351a33 Thinkpad t430u 3351a49
Thinkpad t430u 3351a51 Thinkpad t430u 3351a52 Thinkpad t430u 3351a62
Thinkpad t430u 3351a63 Thinkpad t430u 3351a64 Thinkpad t430u 3351a66
Thinkpad t430u 3351a67 Thinkpad t430u 3351ayc Thinkpad t430u 3351azc
Thinkpad t430u 3352a29 Thinkpad t430u 3352a31 Thinkpad t430u 86141c3
Thinkpad t430u 86141c4 Thinkpad t430u 86149ec Thinkpad t430u 86149fc
Tablet 2 Ideapad u460 Ideapad u460a
Ideapad u460g Ideapad u450 Ideapad u450p
Ideapad u450a Ideapad u550 y200
f40 f41 f50
v100 Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196-3eb Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196rv 4
Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196rv 5 Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196rv 6 Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196rv 7
Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196rv 8 Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0196rv 9 Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0197
Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch 0492 Thinkpad Edge e31 b470a-Bei
b470a-Bni b470a-Ifi b470a-Ith
b470ea-Bei b470ea-Bni b470el-Bei
b470el-Bni b470g-Bei b470g-Bni
b470g-Ith b475 b475a
b475g e47 e47a
e47g e47l g460-06772gu
g460-06772wu g460-06772xu Ideapad u110
Ideapad u110 11306 Ideapad u110 2304 Thinkpad Reserve Edition 8748
Thinkpad x300 2748 Thinkpad x300 2749 Thinkpad x300 6476
Thinkpad x300 6477 Thinkpad x300 6478 Thinkpad x300
Thinkpad x301 2774 Thinkpad x301 2776 Thinkpad x301 2777
Thinkpad x301 2778 Thinkpad x301 2779 Thinkpad x301 4057
Thinkpad x301 Ideapad v430a Ideapad y430
Ideapad y430 2781 Ideapad y430a Ideapad y430g
Thinkpad sl300 Thinkpad sl400 Thinkpad sl500
3000 y500 7761 3000 y500 3000 y510 7758
3000 y510 3000 y510a 15303 3000 y510a
Ideapad y510 7758 Ideapad y510 Ideapad y530 20009
Ideapad y530 4051 Ideapad y530 Ideapad y530a
Ideapad y710 4054 Ideapad y710 Ideapad y730 4053
Ideapad y730 Ideapad y730a Thinkpad x301(13.3 Inch Widescreen)
Ideapad u330 20001 Ideapad u330 2267 Ideapad u330
Ideapad u330a Ideapad v350 Ideapad y330
Ideapad y330a Ideapad y330g 3000 g230 20006
3000 g230 4107 3000 g230g l3000 g230
Thinkpad x200 7454 Thinkpad x200 7458 Thinkpad x200
Thinkpad x200s 7465 Thinkpad x200s 3000 g430 4152
3000 g430 4153 3000 g430 3000 g430a
3000 g430l 3000 g430m 3000 g450 2949
3000 g450 3000 g450a 3000 g450m
3000 g530 4151 3000 g530 3000 g530a
3000 g530m 3000 n500 Ideapad g430 20003
Ideapad g430 Thinkpad sl300 273867b Thinkpad w700
Thinkpad w700 2752 Thinkpad w700 2757 Thinkpad w700 2758
Thinkpad w700ds Thinkpad w700ds 2757 Thinkpad w700ds 2758
Thinkpad x200 Tablet Thinkpad x200 Tablet 2263 Thinkpad x200 Tablet 2266
Thinkpad x200 Tablet 4184 Thinkpad x200 Tablet 7448 Thinkpad x200 Tablet 7449
Thinkpad x200 Tablet 7450 Thinkpad x200 Tablet 7453 b465ca
100 e370 y100
Ideapad y650 4185 Ideapad y650 Ideapad y650a
Thinkpad sl410 Thinkpad sl510 Ideapad y450
Ideapad y450 20020 Ideapad y450 4189 Ideapad y450a
Ideapad y450g Ideapad y550 Ideapad y550 4186
Ideapad y550a Ideapad y550p Ideapad y550p 3241
Thinkpad r500 Thinkpad t61p (14.1 Inch Standard Screens And 15.4 Inch Widescreen) Thinkpad t61p 6459
Thinkpad t61 8891 Thinkpad t61 6457 Thinkpad r61i 8943
Thinkpad r61e (15.4 Inch Widescreen) Thinkpad r61 8942 Thinkpad w500
Thinkpad t61p 8891 Thinkpad t61p 8889 Thinkpad t61p 6460
Thinkpad t61 (14.1 Inch Standard Screens And 15.4 Inch Widescreen) Thinkpad t61 8898 Thinkpad t61 8897
Thinkpad t61 8895 Thinkpad t61 8889 Thinkpad t61 6466
Thinkpad t61 6460 Thinkpad t500 Thinkpad r61i (14.1 Inch & 15.0 Inch Standard Screens And 15.4 Inch Widescreen)
Thinkpad r61i 8932 Thinkpad r61i 8918 Thinkpad r61i 7650
Thinkpad r61e 7650 Thinkpad r61e 7649 Thinkpad r61 (14.1 Inch & 15.0 Inch Standard Screens And 15.4 Inch Widescreen)
Thinkpad r61 8943 Thinkpad r61 8932 Thinkpad r61 8918
Thinkpad r61 8914 Ideapad s10-2 Ideapad s10-2 20027
Ideapad s10-2 2957 Thinkpad e40 Thinkpad e50
Thinkpad Edge 0578-47b Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 05787uj
Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 05787vj Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 05787wj Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 05787xj
Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 05787yj Thinkpad Edge 15 Inch Thinkpad sl410 2842
Thinkpad sl410 2874 Thinkpad sl410k 2842 Thinkpad sl510 2847
Thinkpad sl510 2875 Thinkpad t410 Thinkpad t510
Thinkpad t510i Thinkpad w510 Thinkpad z60m
Thinkpad t61p Thinkpad t61 Thinkpad t60p
Thinkpad t60 Thinkpad r60e Thinkpad r60
Thinkpad t400s 2801 Thinkpad t400s 2808 Thinkpad t400s 2809
Thinkpad t400s 2815 Thinkpad t400s 2823 Thinkpad t400s 2824
Thinkpad t400s 2825 Thinkpad t400s Thinkpad t410s
Ideapad u450p 20031 Ideapad u450p 3389 Ideapad g460
Ideapad g460 0677 Ideapad g460 20041 Ideapad g560
Ideapad g560 0679 Ideapad b450 Ideapad b450a
Ideapad b450l Thinkpad x201 Thinkpad x201i
Thinkpad 0196rv 4 Thinkpad 0196rv 5 Thinkpad 0196rv 6
Thinkpad 0196rv 7 Thinkpad 0196rv 8 Thinkpad 0196rv 9
Thinkpad Edge 0196-3eb Thinkpad Edge 13 Inch Ideapad u350
Ideapad u350 20028 Ideapad u350 2963 Ideapad u350w
Thinkpad x100e Thinkpad x100e 2876 Thinkpad x100e 3506
Thinkpad x100e 3507 Thinkpad x100e 3508 Ideapad y460
Ideapad y460 063334u Ideapad y460 063335u Ideapad y460 063346u
Ideapad y460 063347u Ideapad y460a Ideapad y460at
Ideapad y560 Ideapad u150 Ideapad u150-690969u
Ideapad s10-3t Ideapad s10-3t 0651 Ideapad s10-3t 0651-85u
Ideapad s10-3t 0651-37u Ideapad s10-3t 0651-7hu Ideapad s10-3
Ideapad s10-3s Ideapad s10-3s 0703eev Thinkpad t410 2516
Thinkpad t410 2518 Thinkpad t410 2519 Thinkpad t410 2522
Thinkpad t410 2537 Thinkpad t410 2538 Thinkpad t410 2539
Thinkpad t510 4313 Thinkpad t510 4314 Thinkpad t510 4339
Thinkpad t510 4349 Thinkpad t510 4384 Thinkpad t510 4484
Thinkpad t510 4873 Thinkpad w510 4318 Thinkpad w510 4319
Thinkpad w510 4387 Thinkpad w510 4389 Thinkpad w510 4391
Thinkpad w510 4875 Thinkpad w510 4876 Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 0199
Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 0578 Thinkpad Edge 14 Inch 0579 Thinkpad Edge 15 Inch 0301
Thinkpad Edge 15 Inch 0302 Thinkpad Edge 15 Inch 0319 Thinkpad x61 Tablet 7762
Thinkpad x61 Tablet 7763 Thinkpad x61 Tablet 7764 Thinkpad x61 Tablet 7767
Thinkpad x61 Tablet 7768 Thinkpad x61 Tablet 7769 Thinkpad t410s 2901
Thinkpad t410s 2904 Thinkpad t410s 2907 Thinkpad t410s 2912
Thinkpad t410s 2924 Thinkpad t410s 2926 Thinkpad t410s 2928
3000 b460 3000 b550 3000 g430le
3000 g455 3000 g530 444-23u 3000 g530 Dc t3400
3000 g550 3000 g555 3000 n500 4233-52u
g430 g450 g455a
g530 g550 g550-2958leu
g550-2958lfu Ideapad z360 Ideapad z360-091232u
Ideapad z360-091233u Ideapad z360a-Ith Ideapad z360a-Psi
Ideapad z360a Ideapad u150 Sfo Ideapad u150 Stw
Ideapad u150-690968u Ideapad u150-6909h9j Ideapad u150-6909haj
Ideapad u150-6909hfj Ideapad u150-6909hgj Idpatab s2007a-D
l10m4p21 a500 e600
e660 e680 160
s160 s180 n203
Thinkpad Edge e220s 12.5 Inch Thinkpad Edge e220s 5038 Thinkpad Edge e420s 14 Inch
Thinkpad Edge e420s 4401 Thinkpad Edge e420s 440128u Thinkpad Edge e420s 440129u
Thinkpad s220 b480a-Ifi b480a-Ith
b480g-Ith b580-m94a5ge b580a-Ifi
b580a-Ith e49 e49a
e49al e49g e49l
g480-Ise g480a-Bei g480a-Bni
g480a-Ifi g480a-Ise g480a-Ith
g485a-Eon g485g-Eth g700
Ideapad b480 Ideapad b485 Ideapad b580
Ideapad b585 Ideapad g480 Ideapad g485
Ideapad g580 Ideapad g585 Ideapad n581
Ideapad n586 Ideapad v480 Ideapad v480c
Ideapad v480s Ideapad v580 Ideapad v580c
Ideapad y480 Ideapad y480a-Ise Ideapad y480m-Ifi
Ideapad y480p Ideapad y485 Ideapad y580
Ideapad y580a Ideapad y580m Ideapad y580n
Ideapad y580p Ideapad z380 Ideapad z480
Ideapad z485 Ideapad z580 Ideapad z585
k49a m490 m490-Ifi
m495 Thinkpad e430 Thinkpad e530
Thinkpad e531 Thinkpad Edge e430 Thinkpad Edge e431
Thinkpad Edge e435 Thinkpad Edge e530 Thinkpad Edge e535
v480 v480c v480s
v480u v580 v580c
y480m-Ise y480m-Ith y480n-Ifi
y480n-Ise y485 y485-Aei
y485-Ate y580n-Ifi y580n-Ise
y580n-Ith y580nt-Ise z380
z380-Ise z380a-Bni z380a-Ifi
z380a-Ith z480 z480-Ise
z480a-Bni z480a-Ifi z480a-Ith
z485 z485a-Aei z485a-Asi
z580 z580-Ise z580a-Ifi
z580a-Ith z585 Ideapad Yoga 11s
Ideapad yoga11s-Ifi Ideapad s210 Series Ideapad s210 Touch Series
Ideapad s215 Series Ideapad s215 Touch Series Ideapad u510 mbm62ge
Ideapad g400s Ideapad g400s Touch Ideapad g405s
Ideapad g405s Touch Ideapad g410s Ideapad g410s Touch
Ideapad g500s Ideapad g500s Touch Ideapad g500s-59367693
Ideapad g505s Ideapad g505s Touch Ideapad g505s-20255
Ideapad g510s Ideapad g510s Touch Ideapad s410p
Ideapad s410p Touch Ideapad s510p Ideapad s510p Touch
Ideapad z710 Ideapad a3000 Ideatab a3000-H
b465ca-Nei Thinkpad t61u Thinkpad z60
Thinkpad z60e Thinkpad z61 Thinkpad z61e
Thinkpad z61m Thinkpad z61p 3000 g230
e23 Ideapad g400 3000 g410 2049
Ideapad b460 Ideapad g430a Ideapad g450
Ideapad g450a Ideapad g450l Ideapad g450m
Ideapad g530 Ideapad g530a Ideapad v460
Ideapad v460a-Ifi(A) Ideapad v460a-Ifi(H) Ideapad v460a-Ifi(T)
Ideapad v460a-Ise Ideapad v460a-Ith Ideapad v460a-Ith(A)
Ideapad v460a-Ith(T) Ideapad v460a-Psi(H) Ideapad v550
Ideapad s10-3 0647-29u Ideapad s10-3 0647-2au Ideapad s10-3 0647-2bu
Ideapad u160-08945ku Ideapad u160-08945lu Ideapad u160-08945mu
Thinkpad Edge 13 Thinkpad Edge e30 Thinkpad Edge 14
Thinkpad Edge 15 Thinkpad Edge e40 Thinkpad Edge e420
Thinkpad Edge e50 Thinkpad Edge e520 Thinkpad l410
Thinkpad l412 Thinkpad l420 Thinkpad l421
Thinkpad l510 Thinkpad l512 Thinkpad l520
Thinkpad sl410c Thinkpad sl410k Thinkpad t410i
Thinkpad t420 Thinkpad t520 Thinkpad t520i
Thinkpad w520 Thinkpad Edge 11 2545 Thinkpad Edge 11 0328
Thinkpad Edge 11 Thinkpad Edge 11 Inch Thinkpad Edge 11 Inch nvy4lfr
Thinkpad Edge 11 Inch nvz24fr Thinkpad Edge 11 Inch nvz3bge Thinkpad Edge e10
Thinkpad x100e 2200 Thinkpad x120e Thinkpad x110e
Thinkpad x200 2023 Thinkpad x200 2024 Thinkpad x200 7455
Thinkpad x200 7457 Thinkpad x200 7459 Thinkpad x201i 3249
Thinkpad x201i 3323 Thinkpad x201i 3357 Thinkpad x201i 3626
Thinkpad x201i 3680 Thinkpad x201i 3712 Thinkpad x201i 4492
Thinkpad x201s Thinkpad x200s 2046 Thinkpad x200s 2047
Thinkpad x200s 7462 Thinkpad x200s 7466 Thinkpad x200s 7469
Thinkpad x200s 7470 Thinkpad x201 3249 Thinkpad x201 3323
Thinkpad x201 3357 Thinkpad x201 3626 Thinkpad x201 3680
Thinkpad x201 3712 Thinkpad x201 4492 Thinkpad x201s 5129
Thinkpad x201s 5143 Thinkpad x201s 5385 Thinkpad x201s 5397
Thinkpad x201s 5413 Thinkpad x201s 5442 Thinkpad x201s 5446
Thinkpad x200t Thinkpad x201 Tablet Thinkpad x201t
Thinkpad x300 4052 Thinkpad x301 13.3 Inch Widescreen Thinkpad x301 4182
Thinkpad x60 Tablet Thinkpad x60 Tablet 6363 Thinkpad x60 Tablet 6364
Thinkpad x60 Tablet 6365 Thinkpad x60 Tablet 6366 Thinkpad x60 Tablet 6367
Thinkpad x60 Tablet 6368 Thinkpad x61 Tablet e42a
e42g e42l e42m
k42 k42a Thinkpad t61p (15.4 Inch Widescreen)
Thinkpad t61p (14.1 Inch Standard Screens) Thinkpad t61 (15.4 Inch Widescreen) Thinkpad t61 (14.1 Inch Standard Screens)
Thinkpad r61i (15.4 Inch Widescreen) Thinkpad r61i (15.0 Inch Standard Screens) Thinkpad r61i (14.1 Inch Standard Screens)
Thinkpad r61 (15.4 Inch Widescreen) Thinkpad r61 (15.0 Inch Standard Screens) Thinkpad r61 (14.1 Inch Standard Screens)
Ideatab a1000 Ideatab a1010-T Ideatab a3000
Ideatab a3000h Ideatab a5000 Ideacentre Horizon
Ideacentre Horizon 27 Ideatab s6000-H 3inp6/60/80
Ideatab a2109 Ideatab a2109a a31-Kl
s5000 s5000h s5000f
k900 k100 Ideapad Tablet k1
e26 Series k26 Series k27 Series
k29 Thinkpad s230u Thinkpad t420s
Thinkpad t420si Thinkpad Edge e120 Thinkpad Edge e125
Thinkpad Edge e320 Thinkpad Edge e325 Thinkpad x220
Thinkpad x220i Thinkpad x220s Thinkpad x220 Tablet
Thinkpad x220t Thinkpad x220i Tablet Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429423u
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 4296 Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42962wu Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42962yu
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429632u Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429633u Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429634u
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429638u Thinkpad x220 Tablet 4298 Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429827u
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42983qu Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42983su Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42983yu
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42983zu Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429843u Thinkpad x220 Tablet 4299
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429927u Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42992ru Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42992tu
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42992wu Thinkpad x220 Tablet 42992xu Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429934u
Thinkpad x220 Tablet 429936u Thinkpad x220i Tablet 4294 Thinkpad x220t Tablet 42994bu
b465g Ideapad z560 Ideapad z560a
Ideapad z560g Ideapad z560m Ideapad z565
Ideapad z565a Ideapad z565g Ideapad z570
Ideapad z570a Ideapad z570a-Bni Ideapad z570a-Ifi
Ideapad z570a-Ith Ideapad z575 v360
v360a v360g v370
v370a v370g v370p
v470 v470a v470a-Ifi
v470g v470p v570
v570a v570g v570p
Ideapad z475 Ideapad z470g Ideapad z470ah
Ideapad z470a-Ith Ideapad z470a-Ifi Ideapad z470a-Bni
Ideapad z470a Ideapad v470g Ideapad v470p
Ideapad v570 Ideapad v570a Ideapad v570g
Ideapad v570p Ideapad z370 Ideapad z370a
Ideapad z370a-Bni Ideapad z370g Ideapad z370g-Ith
Ideapad z460 Ideapad z460a Ideapad z460g
Ideapad z460m Ideapad z465 Ideapad z465a
Ideapad z465a-Nei Ideapad z465a-Nni Ideapad z465a-Pni
Ideapad z465a-Pth Ideapad z465g Ideapad z470
Ideapad v470a Ideapad v470 Ideapad g565g
Ideapad g565l Ideapad g565m Ideapad g570
Ideapad g570a Ideapad g570ah Ideapad g570e
Ideapad g570g Ideapad g575 Ideapad g575a
Ideapad g575e Ideapad g575g Ideapad g575l
Ideapad g575m Ideapad g770 Ideapad g770a
Ideapad g770e Ideapad g770l Ideapad v360
Ideapad v360a Ideapad v360g Ideapad v370
Ideapad v370a Ideapad v370g Ideapad v370p
Ideapad g565a Ideapad g565 Ideapad g560m
Ideapad g560l Ideapad g560g g575g
g575l g575m Ideapad b470
Ideapad b470a Ideapad b470g Ideapad b570
Ideapad b570a Ideapad b570g Ideapad g460a
Ideapad g460al Ideapad g460e Ideapad g460g
Ideapad g460l Ideapad g465 Ideapad g465a
Ideapad g470 Ideapad g470a Ideapad g470ah
Ideapad g470g Ideapad g470gh Ideapad g475
Ideapad g475a Ideapad g475e Ideapad g475g
Ideapad g475l Ideapad g560a Ideapad g560e
g575e g575a g575
g570g g570e g570ah
g570a g570 g460
g460 06779uu g460 06779xu g460a
g460a-Ifi g460a-Ith g460g
g460l g460l-Ifi g465
g465a g470 g470a
g470ah g470g g475
g475a g475e g475g
g475l g560 g560 m278zuk
g560 m2792uk g560a g560e
b470 b470a b470g
b570 b570a b570g
g560g g560l g565
g565a g565g g565l
Ideapad y560d Ideapad y560dt-Ise Ideapad y560g
Ideapad y560p Ideapad y560p-Ifi Ideapad y460c-Ith
Ideapad y460g Ideapad y460n Ideapad y460n-Ifi
Ideapad b560 Ideapad y460n-Ith Ideapad y460n-Psi
Ideapad y460p Ideapad y460p-Ifi Ideapad y460p-Ise
Ideapad y460p-Ith Ideapad y560a Ideapad y560a-Ifi
Ideapad y560a-Ith Ideapad y560at Ideapad y560c
Ideapad y560p-Ise Ideapad y560p-Ith Ideapad y560pt-Ise
Ideapad b560a Ideapad v560 Ideapad y460a-Ifi
Ideapad y460a-Ith Thinkpad Edge e525 Thinkpad Edge e425
Thinkpad w701ds 4326 Thinkpad w701ds 4323 Thinkpad w701ds 2543
Thinkpad w701ds 2542 Thinkpad w701ds 2541 Thinkpad w701ds 2500
Thinkpad w701ds 2444 Thinkpad w701ds Thinkpad w701 4326
Thinkpad w701 4323 Thinkpad w701 2543 Thinkpad w701 2542
Thinkpad w701 2541 Thinkpad w701 2500 Thinkpad w701 2444
Thinkpad w701 Thinkpad w700ds 2763 Thinkpad w700ds 2762
Thinkpad w700ds 2754 Thinkpad w700ds 2753 Thinkpad w700ds 2752
Thinkpad w700ds 2542 Thinkpad w700ds 2541 Thinkpad w700ds 2500
Thinkpad w700 2763 Thinkpad w700 2762 Thinkpad w700 2754
Thinkpad w700 2753 Thinkpad w700 2542 Thinkpad w700 2541
Thinkpad w700 2500 Thinkpad t410si b465c
b465 Series b465a Ideapad y470
Ideapad y470a Ideapad y470d Ideapad y470g
Ideapad y470m Ideapad y470n Ideapad y470p
Ideapad y570 Ideapad y570a Ideapad y570d
Ideapad y570m Ideapad y570n Ideapad y570nt
Ideapad y570p b465ca-Nni b465ca-Pth
b465ca-Pth(H) b465ca-Pth(T) 125 Series
125a 125c 125f
125l 410 Series 410l
410m Advent 7000 Advent 7087
e260 e280 e280s
e290 e680a Miix 2 8 Inch
Miix 2 8 32gb 59393605 Miix 2 8 59409331 59409330 Thinkpad t420s 4171-a13
Thinkpad x130e Thinkpad x121e Thinkpad Edge e335
Thinkpad Edge e330 Thinkpad Edge e135 Thinkpad Edge e130
Thinkpad e120 30434tc Thinkpad e120 30434sc Thinkpad e120 30434nc
Thinkpad e120 Ideapad y430 Series Ideapad v450a
Thinkpad Mini 10 Ideapad y430 2005 Ideapad y430-2781
Ideapad y430-278182u Ideapad y430-278183u Ideapad y430-278184u
Ideapad y430-278186u Ideapad y430-278187u Ideapad y430-278189u
Ideapad y430-3231u Ideapad y430-5232 Ideapad y430-5232u
Ideapad y430-5242u 3000 n200 Series 14 Inch n440
n440a n440g Asm 42t4770
Fur 42t4769 1icp5/56/120-2 2icp5/57/122
s620 Series Ideapad u470 Ideapad a1
Pad a1 Pad a1-07 121500138
Ideapad u330 Touch Ideapad u330p Ideapad u430 Touch
Ideapad u430p Ideapad u530 Touch l1om4p21
i1cp04/45/107-4 l1om6a21 e43
e43a e43g e43l
e46 e46a e46g
e46l k43 k43a
k43g k43p k43s
k46 Miix 2 11 Yoga Tablet b8080
b8000af 16gsl Yoga Tablet 10 b8000af 2icp4/66/73-2
Ideapad Yoga 2 y50-70 y50-70-Ise(D)
y50-70am-Ifi y50-70am-Ifi(H) y50-70am-Ifi(I)
y50-70am-Ifi(U) y50-70am-Ise y50-70am-Ise(D)
y50-70am-Ise(H) y50-70as-Ise Erazer y40-70
s41-70-Ise s41-70-Ith s41-70am-Ifi
y40-70 y40-70at-Ifi y40-70at-Ifi(D)
y40-70at-Ise y40-80 y40-80-Ifi
y40-80-Ifi(H) y40-80-Ise y40-80at-Ise
a7600-F a10-70f Thinkpad e555 Series
Thinkpad Edge e555 Thinkpad x1 Carbon Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3444
Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3448 Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3460 Thinkpad x1 Carbon Gen 2 20a7
Thinkpad x1 Carbon Gen 2 20a8 Thinkpad x1c Thinkpad 1838 Tablet
Thinkpad Tablet 1 Thinkpad x230 Series Thinkpad x230i Series
b5400 g500 g500at-Ifi
g510 g510am-Ise g510at-Ifi
g710 g710 59397112 Thinkpad e430c
Thinkpad e431 627766c Thinkpad e440 20c50003cd Thinkpad e440 20c5a081cd
Thinkpad e440 20c5a083cd Thinkpad e440 20c5a084cd Thinkpad e440 20c5a085cd
Thinkpad e440 20c5a0bgcd Thinkpad e440 20c5a0f5cd Thinkpad e440
Thinkpad Edge e531 v480a-Ifi v480s-Ifi
Thinkpad Edge e145 Thinkpad t450 k2450
Thinkpad l450 Thinkpad l450 20dsa01ycd Thinkpad t550
Thinkpad x240 Thinkpad x250 Thinkpad t450s
Thinkpad w550s Thinkpad t440s Thinkpad t440s 20aq-s00500
Thinkpad x240s Thinkpad Tablet 8 Thinkpad Tablet 10
b40 b40-30 b40-45
b40-70 b50 b50-30
b50-30 Touch b50-45 b50-70
Eraser b40 Eraser b40-30 Eraser b40-45
Eraser b40-70 Eraser b50 Eraser b50-30
Eraser b50-30 Touch Eraser b50-45 Eraser b50-70
Eraser m4400 Eraser m4400a Eraser m4450
Eraser m4450a Eraser n40 Eraser n40-30
Eraser n40-45 Eraser n40-70 Eraser n50
Eraser n50-30 Eraser n50-45 Eraser n50-70
Ideapad b40 Ideapad b40-30 Ideapad b40-45
Ideapad b40-70 Ideapad b50 Ideapad b50-30
Ideapad b50-30 Touch Ideapad b50-45 Ideapad b50-70
Ideapad m4400 Ideapad m4400a Ideapad m4450
Ideapad m4450a Ideapad n40 Ideapad n40-30
Ideapad n40-45 Ideapad n40-70 Ideapad n50
Ideapad n50-30 Ideapad n50-45 Ideapad n50-70
Ideapad v4400 Ideapad v4400a m4400
m4400a m4450 m4450a
n40 n40-30 n40-45
n40-70 n50 n50-30
n50-45 n50-70 v4400
v4400a k23 k23l
k23a 1icp3/78/60-4 2icp4/79/101-2
1icp4/83/103-2 l12n2po1 Pad a5500
Pad a8-50 n20p Flex 2-14
Flex 2-14d Flex 2-15 Flex 2-15d
flex2 14 flex2 15 miix2 10 Inch
Ideapad Yoga 2 11 2icp5/67/123 Yoga 2 13
Yoga 3 11 Yoga 3 11 Convertible Yoga 3 11-5y10
Yoga 3 11-5y10(D) Yoga 3 11-5y10c Yoga 3 11-5y71
Thikpad Helix 2 Thinkpad s3 Yoga Thinkpad New x1
Thinkpad New x1 Carbon Thinkpad x1 Carbon 3 Thinkpad x1 Carbon Gen 2
Thinkpad x1 Carbon Type 20bs Ideapad p400 Touch Ideapad p500 Touch
Ideapad z400 Touch Ideapad z500 Touch Ideapad z510
b70-80 Eraser z50-75 g40-30
g40-30-Nth g40-30-Ntw g40-45
g40-45-Aei g40-45-Asi g40-45-e0n
g40-45-Etw g40-70 g40-70am-Ifi
g40-70at-Ctw g40-70at-Ifi g40-70at-Ith
g40-70at-Pth g40-70m-Ifi g40-70m-Ith
g40-70ma-Ifi g40-70ma-Ith g40-70ma-Pth
g40-75-Ate g40-80 g50-30-Nth
g50-30-Ntw g50-45 g50-45-Aei
g50-45-Asi g50-45-e0n g50-45-Qc
g50-70at-Ifi g50-70at-Ise g50-70at-Ith
g50-70at-Pth g50-70m-Ith g50-70ma-Ctw
g50-70ma-Ifi g50-70ma-Ise g50-70ma-Ith
g50-70ma-Pth g50-75ma-Ate g50-80
g50-80-Ise g50-80-Ith g50-80at-Ifi
g50-80at-Ise Ideapad z50-70 Ideapad z50-75
v1000at-Ise v1070-Fx-7500 4g v1070-Fxse
v2000-Ise v3000-Ise z40
z50 z50-75 3000 g430 Series
3000 g450 Series 3000 g530 Series 3000 n500 Series
3000 v450 3000 y430 b460a-Ith
b460a-Psi b460ea-Pse b460ea-Tfo
b460el-Tth Ideapad g430 Series Ideapad z360 Series
Ideapad u130 k12 k13
Thinkpad sl300 2738 Thinkpad sl300 Series Thinkpad sl400c
Thinkpad sl500c Thinkpad r400 Thinkpad r400 2782
Thinkpad r400 2783 Thinkpad r400 2784 Thinkpad r400 2786
Thinkpad r400 2787 Thinkpad r400 2788 Thinkpad r400 2789
Thinkpad r400 7438 Thinkpad r400 7439 Thinkpad r400 7440
Thinkpad r400 7443 Thinkpad r400 7445 Thinkpad r400 7446
Thinkpad r400 7447 Thinkpad r400 Series Thinkpad r61 14.1 Inch Widescreen
Thinkpad r61 7732 Thinkpad r61 7733 Thinkpad r61 7734
Thinkpad r61 7735 Thinkpad r61 7736 Thinkpad r61 7737
Thinkpad r61 7738 Thinkpad r61 7742 Thinkpad r61 7743
Thinkpad r61 7744 Thinkpad r61 7751 Thinkpad r61 7753
Thinkpad r61 7754 Thinkpad r61 7755 Thinkpad r61i 14.1 Inch Widescreen
Thinkpad r61i 7732 Thinkpad r61i 7742 Thinkpad t400
Thinkpad t400 2764 Thinkpad t400 2765 Thinkpad t400 2766
Thinkpad t400 2767 Thinkpad t400 2768 Thinkpad t400 2769
Thinkpad t400 2773 Thinkpad t400 6473 Thinkpad t400 6474
Thinkpad t400 6475 Thinkpad t400 7417 Thinkpad t400 7420
Thinkpad t400 7425 Thinkpad t400 7434 Thinkpad t400 Series
Thinkpad t61 14.1 Inch Widescreen Thinkpad t61 1959 Thinkpad t61 6377
Thinkpad t61 6378 Thinkpad t61 6379 Thinkpad t61 6480
Thinkpad t61 6481 Thinkpad t61 7658 Thinkpad t61 7659
Thinkpad t61 7660 Thinkpad t61 7661 Thinkpad t61 7662
Thinkpad t61 7663 Thinkpad t61 7664 Thinkpad t61 7665
Thinkpad t616379 Thinkpad t61p 14.1 Inch Widescreen Thinkpad t61u 14.1 Inch Widescreen
Thinkpad Edge 15 Inch 301k7j Thinkpad Edge e425 1141-Cto Thinkpad Edge e425 1167-Cto
Thinkpad Edge e425 1198-Cto Thinkpad l410 2842-Cto Thinkpad l410 2847-Cto
Thinkpad l410 2873-Cto Thinkpad l420 7829-Cto Thinkpad l420 7853-Cto
Thinkpad l420 7854-39x Thinkpad l420 7854-3ax Thinkpad l420 7854-3bx
Thinkpad l420 7854-3cx Thinkpad l420 7854-3dx Thinkpad l420 7854-3ex
Thinkpad l420 7854-3fx Thinkpad l420 7854-3gx Thinkpad l420 7854-3hx
Thinkpad l420 7854-3jx Thinkpad l420 7854-3kx Thinkpad l420 7854-3lx
Thinkpad l420 7854-3mx Thinkpad l420 7854-3nx Thinkpad l420 7854-3px
Thinkpad l420 7854-3qx Thinkpad l420 7854-3xx Thinkpad l420 7854-3yx
Thinkpad l420 7854-3zx Thinkpad l420 7854-4gx Thinkpad l420 7854-4hx
Thinkpad l420 7854-4nx Thinkpad l420 7854-4px Thinkpad l420 7854-4qx
Thinkpad l420 7854-4sx Thinkpad l420 7854-4tx Thinkpad l420 7854-Cto
Thinkpad l420 7856-3gx Thinkpad l420 7856-3hx Thinkpad l420 7856-3jx
Thinkpad l420 7856-3kx Thinkpad l420 7856-3lx Thinkpad l420 7856-3mx
Thinkpad l420 7856-3wx Thinkpad l420 7856-Cto Thinkpad l420 7859 5lx
Thinkpad l420 7859-3cx Thinkpad l420 7859-3dx Thinkpad l420 7859-3ex
Thinkpad l420 7859-3fx Thinkpad l420 7859-3gx Thinkpad l420 7859-3hx
Thinkpad l420 7859-3jx Thinkpad l420 7859-3kx Thinkpad l420 7859-3lx
Thinkpad l420 7859-3mx Thinkpad l420 7859-3nx Thinkpad l420 7859-3px
Thinkpad l420 7859-3qx Thinkpad l420 7859-3rx Thinkpad l420 7859-3sx
Thinkpad l420 7859-3tx Thinkpad l420 7859-3zx Thinkpad l420 7859-5lx
Thinkpad l420 7859-6ex Thinkpad l420 7859-6fx Thinkpad l420 7859-6gx
Thinkpad l420 7859-6hx Thinkpad l420 7859-6jx Thinkpad l420 7859-Cto
Thinkpad l420 7860-3dx Thinkpad l420 7860-3hx Thinkpad l420 7860-3jx
Thinkpad l420 7860-Cto Thinkpad l510 2842-Cto Thinkpad l510 2847-Cto
Thinkpad l510 2873-Cto Thinkpad l520 7826-3px Thinkpad l520 7826-3qx
Thinkpad l520 7826-45x Thinkpad l520 7826-46x Thinkpad l520 7826-47x
Thinkpad l520 7826-48x Thinkpad l520 7826-49x Thinkpad l520 7826-4ax
Thinkpad l520 7826-4bx Thinkpad l520 7826-Cto Thinkpad l520 7827- 4cx
Thinkpad l520 7827- 4ex Thinkpad l520 7827-4cx Thinkpad l520 7827-4dx
Thinkpad l520 7827-4ex Thinkpad l520 7827-5ax Thinkpad l520 7827-5bx
Thinkpad l520 7827-Cto Thinkpad l520 7829 5bx Thinkpad l520 7829 5dx
Thinkpad l520 7829-4zx Thinkpad l520 7829-53x Thinkpad l520 7829-54x
Thinkpad l520 7829-58x Thinkpad l520 7829-59x Thinkpad l520 7829-5ax
Thinkpad l520 7829-5bx Thinkpad l520 7829-5cx Thinkpad l520 7829-5dx
Thinkpad l520 7829-Cto Thinkpad l520 78295cx Thinkpad l520 7853-Cto
Thinkpad l520 7854-4nx Thinkpad l520 7854-4px Thinkpad l520 7854-4qx
Thinkpad l520 7854-4sx Thinkpad l520 7854-4tx Thinkpad l520 7854-Cto
Thinkpad l520 7856-3gx Thinkpad l520 7856-3hx Thinkpad l520 7856-3jx
Thinkpad l520 7856-3kx Thinkpad l520 7856-3lx Thinkpad l520 7856-3mx
Thinkpad l520 7856-3wx Thinkpad l520 7856-Cto Thinkpad l520 7859-3cx
Thinkpad l520 7859-3dx Thinkpad l520 7859-3ex Thinkpad l520 7859-3fx
Thinkpad l520 7859-3gx Thinkpad l520 7859-3hx Thinkpad l520 7859-3jx
Thinkpad l520 7859-3kx Thinkpad l520 7859-3lx Thinkpad l520 7859-3mx
Thinkpad l520 7859-3nx Thinkpad l520 7859-3px Thinkpad l520 7859-3qx
Thinkpad l520 7859-3rx Thinkpad l520 7859-3sx Thinkpad l520 7859-3tx
Thinkpad l520 7859-3zx Thinkpad l520 7859-42x Thinkpad l520 7859-43x
Thinkpad l520 7859-4fx Thinkpad l520 7859-4gx Thinkpad l520 7859-4hx
Thinkpad l520 7859-4nx Thinkpad l520 7859-4px Thinkpad l520 7859-4qx
Thinkpad l520 7859-4rx Thinkpad l520 7859-4sx Thinkpad l520 7859-4tx
Thinkpad l520 7859-4ux Thinkpad l520 7859-4vx Thinkpad l520 7859-5gx
Thinkpad l520 7859-5hx Thinkpad l520 7859-5kx Thinkpad l520 7859-5lx
Thinkpad l520 7859-5mx Thinkpad l520 7859-5nx Thinkpad l520 7859-5wx
Thinkpad l520 7859-5xx Thinkpad l520 7859-5yx Thinkpad l520 7859-5zx
Thinkpad l520 7859-63x Thinkpad l520 7859-64x Thinkpad l520 7859-65x
Thinkpad l520 7859-66x Thinkpad l520 7859-67x Thinkpad l520 7859-6ax
Thinkpad l520 7859-6ex Thinkpad l520 7859-6fx Thinkpad l520 7859-6gx
Thinkpad l520 7859-6hx Thinkpad l520 7859-6jx Thinkpad l520 7859-Cto
Thinkpad sl510 2842-Cto Thinkpad sl510 2847-Cto Thinkpad sl510 2847re4
Thinkpad sl510 2873-Cto Thinkpad sl510 2874-Cto Thinkpad sl510 2875-Cto
Thinkpad sl510 2931-Cto Thinkpad t420i Thinkpad x200 Series
Thinkpad x200s Series Thinkpad t440 Thinkpad t440p-Qcd
Thinkpad w541 Thinkpad x230 33c Thinkpad x230 3ac
Thinkpad x230 3bc Thinkpad x230 3cc Thinkpad x230 44c
Thinkpad x230 45c Thinkpad x230 4uc Thinkpad x230 4zc
Thinkpad x230 56c Thinkpad x230 a23 Thinkpad x230 a34
Thinkpad x230 a35 Thinkpad x230 a36 Thinkpad x230 a37
Thinkpad x230 a38 Thinkpad x230 af8 Thinkpad x230 b23
Thinkpad x230 b66 Thinkpad x230 by3 Thinkpad x230 c3c
Thinkpad x230 f36 Thinkpad x230 iz0 Thinkpad x230 Kqc
Thinkpad x230 lb7 Thinkpad x230 Smy Thinkpad e550
Thinkpad e550c Thinkpad e555 Thinkpad Edge e555 Series
Thinkpad z51 Thinkpad z51-70 Ideapad u330 Series
Ideapad y330 Series k33 Ideapad u430
Ideapad u430 Series Flex 2 14 Flex 2 15
Thinkpad 8 oohwoo9 Ideapad y400 Series
Ideapad y400m-Ifi Ideapad y400n Ideapad y400n Series
Ideapad y400n-Ifi Ideapad y400n-Ise Ideapad y400p
Ideapad y400p Series Ideapad y410 Ideapad y410 Series
Ideapad y410n Ideapad y410n Series Ideapad y410p
Ideapad y410p Series Ideapad y410p-Ifi Ideapad y410p-Ise
Ideapad y490 Series Ideapad y490n Ideapad y490n Series
Ideapad y490p Ideapad y490p Series Ideapad y500
Ideapad y500 Series Ideapad y500n Ideapad y500n Series
Ideapad y500n-Ifi Ideapad y500n-Ise Ideapad y500nt-Ise
Ideapad y500p Ideapad y500p Series Ideapad y510 Series
Ideapad y510a Ideapad y510a-Si Ideapad y510a-Tfi
Ideapad y510a-Ttw Ideapad y510a-Ut Ideapad y510m
Ideapad y510m-Ttw Ideapad y510n Ideapad y510n Series
Ideapad y510p Ideapad y510p Series Ideapad y590
Ideapad y590 Series Ideapad y590n Ideapad y590n Series
Ideapad y590p Ideapad y590p Series y400m-Ifi
y400n-Ifi y400n-Ise y430pat
y430pat-Ifi y430pat-Ifi(U) y430pat-Ise
y430pat-Ise(D) y430pat-Ise(H) y430pat-Ise(U)
y500n-Ifi y500n-Ise y500nt-Ise
y50p-70-Ifi y510p-Ifi y510p-Ise
2icp3/86/94-2 Flex 2 Pro-15 Yoga 3 Pro
Yoga 3 Pro 1370 Yoga 3 Pro-5y71 Yoga 3 Pro-i5y51
Yoga 3 Pro-i5y70 Yoga 3 Pro-i5y70(D) Yoga 3 Pro-i5y70(F)
Yoga 3 Pro-i5y70(L) Yoga 3 Pro-i5y71 Yoga 4 Pro
Yoga 900 Yoga 900 13isk Thinkpad s3 Touch
Thinkpad s5 Thinkpad s5 Yoga 3icp4/58/62-2
Yoga Tablet 2 1050f Yoga Tablet 2 1051f yt2-830 Series
3icp7/41/96 l14m3p21 s41
s41-70 s41-70am Yoga 3
Yoga 3 14 Yoga 700 Yoga 700 14isk
4icp4/57/119 l14s3ao1 v4000 Series
v4000-Ise l14s4eo1 1icp4/86102

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery lenovo to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the lenovo battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the lenovo battery.
  4. Lenovo laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the lenovo battery from your lenovo laptop when running on fixed power.

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