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Replacement Fujitsu Siemens Laptop Battery

Fujitsu Siemens laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the fujitsu siemens laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every fujitsu siemens battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and fujitsu siemens laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Fujitsu Siemens Battery Listed by Part No.

Squ-809-f01 Squ-808-f01 Squ-808-f02
s26391-f405-l840 Smp-Sfs-Ss-26c-06 Dpk-cwxxxsya4
Dpk-cwxxxsyc6 Dyna-Wj s26393-v047-v341-01-0842
s26391-f340-l200 s26391-f340-l250 s26391-f5031-l400
s26391-f5031-l410 un242s1-s1 bp243s1
s26391-f5049-l400 s26391-f6120-l470 Smp-Efs-Ss-22e-06
Btp-c0k8 s26391-f400-l400 s26391-f746-l600
Sdi-Mfs-Ss-26c-08 Btp-cak8 Btp-c9k8
258-4s4400-s1p1 258-4s4400-s2m1 2584s4400s1p1
2584s4400s2m1 nbp001385-00 23gl2gf10-Ga
63gl51028-1a 63gl51028-8a 63gl51028-Aa
l51-3s4000-c1l1 3ur18650-2-t0182 s26393-e048--v613-03-0937
s26393-e048--v613-03-0944 s26393-e048--v661-02-0938 s26393-e049-v613-01-0809
Squ-808-f03 Squ-809-f02 Smp-cw0xxbka6
Smp-cwxxxpsa4 21-92544-08 21-92617-12
Cex-kr2wfss6 Cex-mtxxxss4 Cex-ptt50bka6
Cex-ptt50ss6 Cex-ptxxxsn6 Cex-xtxxxbka6
Dpk-mtxxxsy4 Dpk-xtb70sy6 Dpk-xtxxxsy6
Smp-ptt50bka6 Smp-xtxxxss6 21-92348-01
21-92441-01 21-92441-02 21-92441-04
21-92441-13 21-92445-01 21-92445-02
21-92445-03 Cex-lmxxxhba6 Dpk-lmxxss3
Dpk-lmxxss6 s26391-f6120-l450 s26391f6120-l450
Smp-lmxxps6 Smp-lmxxss3 Smp-lmxxss6
Smp-lmxxxbka6 Sol-lmxxml6 Dpk-myxxxsya6
Dpk-myxxxsyb8 Smp-myxxxpsa6 Smp-myxxxpsb8
Smp-myxxxssb8 3ur18650f-2-Q 3ur18650f-2-Qc-12
3ur18650f-2-qc12w 916c4800f 916c4850f
916c5020f 916c5030f 916c5440f
Squ-518 Squ-522 3ur18650-2-t0169
60.4b90t.011 60.4b90t.061 60.4p311.001
60.4p311.041 60.4p311.051 60.4p50t.011
60.4u50t.011 60.4v70t.011 60.4v70t.031
Btp-b4k8 Btp-b5k8 Btp-b7k8
Btp-b8k8 Btp-bak8 Btp-bxk8
Btp-c0l8 Btp-c1k8 Btp-c2l8
Btp-c3k8 Btp-c4k8 ms2191
ms2192 ms2193 ms2216
ms2228 ms2238 ms2239
s26393-e005-v161-01-0746 s26393-e005-v161-02-0746 40008236
805n00005 90.nbi61.001 90.nbi61.011
Btp-52ew Btp-89bm Btp-90bm
ms2128 ms2137 ms2141
Squ-808 Squ-809 San-Mfs-Sa-26f-06
San-Mfs-Sa-26f-08 s26393-e010-v224-01-0803 s26393-e010-v214-01-0747
s26393-e010-v214 p55-4s4400-s1s5 p55-3s4400-s1s5
63gp550280-3a 63gp55026-7a Xf 63gp55026-7a
63gf50026-2a 63-gp550280-3a 63-gp55026-7a
4s4800-g1l3-08 4s4800-g1l3-07 4s4800-c1s1-07
3s4400-s3s6-07 3s4400-s1s5-07 3s4400-s1s5-05
Smp-Exx-Sa-Xxf-04 Smp-Efs-Ss-26c-o6 Smp-Efs-Ss-26c-06
Smp-Efs-Ss-22e-o6 Smp-Efs-Ss-22e-o4 Smp-Efs-Ss-22e-04
Smp-Efs-Ss-20c-o4 Smp-Efs-Ss-20c-04 Sdi-Hfs-Ss-22f-o6
Sdi-Hfs-Ss-22f-06 s26391-f6120-f470 Fox-Efs-Sa-Xxf-o6
Fox-Efs-Sa-Xxf-o4 Fox-Efs-Sa-Xxf-06 Fox-Efs-Sa-Xxf-04
Fox-Efs-Sa-22f-o6 Fox-Efs-Sa-22f-06 Fox-e25-Sa-Xxf-o4
Fox-e25-Sa-Xxf-04 Ess-Sa-Ssf-o3 Ess-Sa-Ssf-03
Efs-Sa-Xxf-06 Efs-Sa-Xxf-04 Squ-805
23-guj001f-8a 23guj001f-3a 23guj001f-9a
23guj002f-3a 4s4400-g1p3-01 4s4400-s1s5-01
4s4800-s1p1-01 63-uj0024-0a 63-uj0024-4a
63-uj0024-4a ct1 63guj0024-1a 63guj0024-7a
63guj0024-9a 63gx70028-0a 63gx70028-1a
930c4560 930c4560f 930c4690f
930c4770f 930c4810f 930t4770f
Bat-p71 batp71 x70-4s4400-s1s5
23ud40003a 23-ud4000-3a nbp001443-00
sa20067-01 Squ-804 Squ-807
60.46i01.021 60.4b301.011 60.4e009.001
60.4e410.011 Btp-acb8 Btp-aub8
60.4h70t.001 60.4h70t.021 60.4h70t.051
Btp-c5k8 Btp-c6k8 Btp-c7k8
Btp-ckk8 Cex-mrxxxsyc6 Smp-mrxxxssb6
Smp-mrxxxssc6 Cex-xtxxxss6 Dpk-ptt50sy6
3s4000-c1s3-04 3s4000-g1p3-04 3s4000-g1s2-04
3s4000-s1p3-04 3s4000-s1s3-04 3s4400-g1l3-04
3s4400-Xxxx-04 l50-3s4000- c1l1 l50-3s4000-c1s1
l50-3s4000-c1s2 l50-3s4000-s1p3 l50-3s4400-g1p3
l50-3s4400-s1s5 3s7800-g1l3-06 kd02907-1255
bpb2c2400c arct01393a

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Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

Esprimo Mobile x9510 Esprimo Mobile x9515 Esprimo Mobile x9525
Amilo M-1437 Amilo M-1437g Amilo a7620
Amilo a8620 Amilo d6830 Amilo d7830
Amilo d8830 Amilo l6820 Amilo l6825
Amilo a7600 755ii5 a7600
a7620 a8620 Amilo A 7600
Amilo A 7620 Amilo A 8620 Amilo D-6830
Amilo D-7830 Amilo D-8830 Amilo L 6820
Amilo L 6825 D-6830 D-7830
D-8830 d6830 d7830
d8830 Amilo a1640 Amilo a1645
Amilo a1645g Amilo a1667g Amilo a7640
Amilo a7645 Amilo m1405 Amilo m1424
Amilo m1425 Amilo m1425b Amilo m1437
Amilo m1439 Amilo m1450 Amilo m1450g
Amilo m1451 Amilo m1451g Amilo m6450
Amilo m6450g Amilo m6453 Amilo m7405
Amilo m7424 Amilo m7425 Amilo Pro v1000
Amilo Pro v2020 Amilo m1437g Amilo Pro v300
sw8 tw8 Amilo M-1439
Amilo M-1439g Amilo M-3438 Amilo M-3438g
Amilo M-4438 Amilo M-4438g Amilo m3438
Amilo m4438 Amilo Xi-1526 Amilo Xi-1546
Amilo Xi-1547 Amilo Xi-1554 Amilo xi1526
Esprimo Mobile d9500 Esprimo Mobile m9400 Esprimo Mobile u9200
Amilo m1010 Amilo m1010s Amilo Mini ui3520
Cwoao Lifebook e8410 Celsius h250
Lifebook e8420 Lifebook s6410 Lifebook q2010
Amilo d1420 Amilo l1300 Amilo l1310
Amilo m1420 Amilo el6800 Amilo el6810
Lifebook p8010 Esprimo Mobile v5515 Esprimo Mobile v5535
Esprimo Mobile v5555 Esprimo Mobile v5505 Esprimo Mobile v5545
Esprimo Mobile v6505 Esprimo Mobile v6535 Esprimo Mobile v6545
Esprimo Mobile v6555 Amilo pa3650 Amilo sa3650
U-258 Amilo A-1630 Amilo a1630
Amilo D-1840 Amilo d1840 Amilo D-1845
Amilo d1845 Amilo A-1630 Widescreen Amilo a1630 Widescreen
Amilo Pi 3540 Amilo Pi 3525 Amilo Pi 2550
Amilo Pi 2530 Amilo Pi 2450 Amilo li3710
Amilo li3910 Amilo pi3560 Amilo k7600 Series
Amilo a1650 Amilo a1650g Amilo Pro v2040
Amilo Pro v2045 Amilo Pro v2060 Amilo Pro v2065
Amilo Pro v2085 Amilo pi3660 Everex Mini-Note cw001
Amilo a1655 Amilo a1655g Amilo Pa 1535
Amilo Pa 1538 Amilo Pa 1539 Amilo Pa 2548
Amilo Pa 2549 Amilo Xa 1526 Amilo l7320
Amilo Li 1705 Amilo Pro v2030 Amilo Pro v2035
Amilo Pro v2055 Amilo Pro v3515 Amilo v2030
Amilo v2035 Amilo v2055 Amilo v3515
Amilo Pi 3650 Amilo Xi 3650 Amilo Xi 3670
Amilo Pro v3205 Amilo Si 1520 Amilo Si 1520-21p
Amilo Pro 564e1gb Amilo c1300 Amilo c1300g
Amilo l1310g Amilo l7310 Amilo l7310g
Amilo Li 1718 Amilo Li 1720 Amilo Li 2727
Amilo Li 2732 Amilo Li 2735 Amilo Pro v3405
Amilo Pro v3505 Amilo Pro v3525 Amilo Pro v8210
Amilo m7400 Amilo Pro v2000 Amilo Xi 2428
Amilo Xi 2528 Amilo Xi 2550 Amilo pi2450
Amilo pi2530 Amilo pi2550 Amilo pi3525
Amilo pi3540 Amilo xi2428 Amilo xi2528
Amilo xi2550 Amilo La-1703 Amilo la1703
Esprimo Mobile v6515 Amilo pa3515 Amilo pa3530
Amilo pa3553 Amilo xa3530 Amilo xa3533
Amilo si2636 Amilo si2654 Epcom Lifestyle
Founder s360r Orion A Series Amilo pa1535
Amilo pa1538 Amilo pa1539 Amilo pa2548
Amilo pa2549 Amilo xa1526 Amilo xa1527
Amilo xa2528 Amilo xa2529 Fic ptb51
Fic ptt50dj Fic ptt51 Amilo Pa 1510
Amilo Fa 1510 Amilo Li 1818 Amilo Li 1820
Amilo Pa 2510 Amilo Pi 1505 Amilo Pi 1506
Amilo Pi 2512 Amilo Pi 2515 Amilo Pi 2540
63gf30026-3a Xf 0644232 721944

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery fujitsu siemens to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the fujitsu siemens battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the fujitsu siemens battery.
  4. Fujitsu Siemens laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the fujitsu siemens battery from your fujitsu siemens laptop when running on fixed power.

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