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Acer Aspire 5738G Battery Replacemnet Acer Aspire 5738G Battery
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Replacement Kohjinsha Laptop Battery

Kohjinsha laptop batteries are made from the highest quality parts, the kohjinsha laptop battery are tailored made according to the original size, whether the acer laptop battery appearance, size and quality are the same as with the original. Every kohjinsha battery should be under strict quality control including filtration and safety testing of voltage,capacity and kohjinsha laptop battery core before leaving the factory, and has passed the authentication of EMC, CQC, CE, UL, ROHS, etc.

Battery Code

Laptop Model

Battery Listed by Product Model No.

ke07050 ke07900 ex6
ex6kl16ma ex6kx16ma s67
Sk Series sk3 sk3 Umpc
sk3kx06a sk3kx06ga sk3kx06l
sk3wx06l sa1f0 sa1f00a
sa1f00b sa1f00kh sa1f00khc
sa1f00ks sa5kl08a sa5kl08f
sa5kx08al sa5kx08fl sa5kx08lcn
sa5st08a sa5st12a sa5st12f
sa5sx04a sa5sx04bs sa5sx08cn
sa5sx12a sa5sx12f sh610bh
sh610bhc sh610bs sh6kr12a
sh6kt12a sh6kt12f sh6kx04a
sh6kx08cn sh6kz12a sh8kp12a
sh8kp12f sh8kps3abx1 sh8kps3fbx1
sh8kx08cn sr6kx06cn sr8kp06a
sr8kp06f sr8kp06hc sr8kp06s
sr8kx06a sr8kx06cn sx3kb06mh
sx3kp06ma sx3kp06mf sx3kp06ms
sx3kx06ma sx3kx06mf sa1f00d
sa1f00w sa1f00wh sa1f00whc
sa1f00ws sa5wx08cn sa5wx08lcn
sh6wb04a sh6wp10a sh6wp10f
sh6wx04a sh6wx08cn sh6wx12a
sh811whc sh811ws sh8wp12a
sh8wp12f sh8wps3abx1 sh8wps3fbx1
sh8wx08cn sr6wx06cn sr8wp06a
sr8wp06f sr8wp06hc sr8wp06s
sr8wx06cn sx3wp06ma sx3wp06mf
sx3wx06ma sx3wx06mf Sc Series (White)
sc3wb06gh sc3wp06a sc3wp06f
sc3wp06ga sc3wx06a sc3wx06as
sc3wx06f sc3wx06fs sc3wx06ga
sc3wx06gs Ml Series (Black) ml6kl12a
ml6kl12f Sc Series (Black) sc3kb06gh
sc3kp06a sc3kp06f sc3kp06ga
sc3kp06gs sc3kp08htw sc3kx06a
sc3kx06as sc3kx06f sc3kx06fs
sc3kx06ga sc3kx06gs s18
s18lc s37 s41
sa1f00e sa1f00f sa1f00h
sa1f00k sa1f00r sa1f00v
sa5 sh6 sh6kb04a
sh6kp10a sh6kps3abx1 sh6kz12a-Sp
sh6p10a sh6wps3abx1 sh8
sr6 sr8 sr8kp06a/F
sr8wp06a/F sx3 sx3kp06ma-Sp
sx3kp06xx sx3kx06mad sx3kx06mfd
sx3wp06xx sx3wx06mad sx3wx06mfd
ml6kl16a sc3wp06xx sc3wp06a7
sc3 ml6wl16a ml6rl16a
ml6pl16a ml6gl16a ml6cl16a
ml6bl16a ml6 sc3kp06xx

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Battery Knowladge

  1. Keep the battery clean. Avoid exposing the battery kohjinsha to extreme heat or cold. If possible, avoid letting your laptop batteries sit dormant for long periods of time.
  2. If you don't plan on using the battery for a month or more, we recommend storing it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage, remember to break them in before use.
  3. Higher Watt hours (Whr) or milliAmpere hour (mAH) on the same system under the same operating conditions means longer battery run time. For example, if you compare the same system, running the same applications, the kohjinsha battery UK would provide approximately 37% more run time than the kohjinsha battery.
  4. Kohjinsha laptop battery gets a little hot when it works, keep your laptop in a well ventilated place and keep it cool.
  5. Short battery life is mainly cause by heat rather than charge and discharge patterns.
  6. We suggest removing the kohjinsha battery from your kohjinsha laptop when running on fixed power.

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